Folklore: The Affliction Returns!

Greetings friends!
Though the weather is just starting to catch up, the season of Samhain is upon us! As Autumn’s cold tendrils unfurl, something wicked stirs in shallow graves. Having just about put the last nail in the fulfillment coffin for Folklore: The Affliction, we now return to find the casket empty. It seems as though this massive RPG in a box has unearthed itself, to walk among us once more in all its ghastly horrors…
That’s right! Folklore is coming back to Kickstarter for a second printing. Starting on All Hallow’s Eve (October 31st) you can join us on an adventure of dark, twisted fun. Gather four of your most stouthearted friends, and embark on a perilous journey to rid the land of an evil scourge. This reprint campaign’s focus is on building a community; we’re splitting the game’s plastic miniatures into their own box, allowing us to make Folklore: The Affliction more widely available at a lower price point.
Just got your hands on the first edition? Returning fans can expect to find a pledge level just for them, with a printed Adventure Creation kit, a host of new stories, and a special embossed metal leader token (names and cover art subject to change).
First timer looking to dive into darkness headfirst? While we won’t be offering the same massive premier bundle from the first Folklore campaign, you’ll still have an opportunity to go all-in by bundling your own mix of add-ons. Here’s what you’ll get if you’re after the whole kit and caboodle:
Waiting for your super-deluxe-mega-awesome-ultra-premium wooden box of holding for all things Folklore? We’re so, so close. Take a look at some pics from Dog Might as they put the final touches on these beauties:
Lastly, two quick shoutouts in the spirit of all things spooky…
We announced earlier this year that we will be doing a game with Dirk Manning’s comic series TALES OF MR. RHEE and NIGHTMARE WORLD. Why? Because they are darkly immersive, and gorgeous in their terror and scope. Right now the Kickstarter for TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 4: “Everything Burns” is up and running. It funded in the first three hours, and is still going strong. Do yourself a solid and go look at it.
Our good friends at Bakerville productions just launched their first game, Adventures in Zombiewood, on Kickstarter. If you ever visited our booths at a convention, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of conversing with one of these clowns; delightful humans who have been friends of Greenbrier Games since waaay back. Adventures in Zombiewood is a light-hearted but deeply strategic dice-puzzle game, featuring high-octane real-time challenges. If you’re a fan of super tough co-op games and brilliant movie puns, take a look at their Kickstarter campaign!

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