Fly: The Fall #s 1-3

The serum works, Danielle has been stopped.

While Eddie grieves over the loss of Danielle, Francis is more determined than ever to perfect his Fly formula.  Now that he know that not only can he give the power, but also take it away, Francis seeks out the mysterious man who murdered his parents.  But, how did Danielle become so far gone and was there a way to save her?  Read the sequel to the hit series Fly and find out just where it all went wrong.

Ok, so if you haven’t read the first volume of Fly, go do that now.  Don’t worry I’ll wait…actually I gotta keep this review going, but for those of you who did, congratulations you’ve just become, like twenty percent cooler.  Fly is just one of those rare series that I myself can just really get into.  With this newest installment in the Fly series, we pick up after the events of the first volume.  Getting confirmation that the serum works, at the tragic loss of Danielle, Francis is now out for vengeance.  The unknown man that killed his parents is still out there and now that Francis has a way to even the odds, he’s on the hunt.  Meanwhile, Eddie is just trying to cope with the fact that Danielle is now gone. This series in general is such a great story of just how bad addiction can get.  There’s so much positive that I have to say that it’s going to be hard to get everything out, but I’m going to try.

So, like I said before, issue one begins where volume one ended.  Eddie is so shaken up by what he had to do, that he’s just in no position to tell much of a story.  That’s why it’s great to get a glimpse of Eddie and Danielle’s past, seeing little hints of the addiction starting to set in.  I love getting that little insight into what we, as an audience, already know is to come.  However, it’s just sad to see how good they were together and, again, just knowing how it’s all going to go down.  That’s some real writing talent there when you feel like you just want to help the two of them just from that short flashback.

Issue two gives us even more of Eddie and Danielle’s past.  The same feelings from the first issue, well up again as I read through this new flashback. Things are just getting progressively worse for the two of them and you can clearly see the addiction setting into Danielle.  You really just don’t want anything to happen to these two.  Like I’ve said, I can’t give these books enough praise.  Another great thing about this issue is we get to see what lengths Francis is willing to go to for payback, showing yet another aspect of what this drug can do to people.  You can see that Francis is getting just as dangerous and corrupted by Fly as Danielle was, which doesn’t bode well for his enemies.

The third issue continues the flashbacks and even has flashbacks within those flashbacks.  Danielle has gone off the deep end at this point and all Eddie wants to do is get her help and off the drug, but like all addictions, it’s easier said than done.  Francis continues his beat down of the Hero and we learn that Eddie and the Hero are connected in a big way.  This is all just culminating into something awesome and spectacular that my words alone just don’t do these books justice.

As much as I absolutely love the series I did have one qualm with it.  Yet again it’s with the inconsistency with the art style.  When I first pick up an issue and see a certain artist doing the interiors, I like to know that that’s who will be on pencils for the rest of the series. The same goes for the coloring style.  It might be the same penciller, but the tone and depth of the colors just aren’t the same throughout.  This might just e a problem I have, I mean, the artwork looks great throughout, but I just like consistency.

There you have it, a stellar start to an amazing sequel.  Both volumes are just such a good allegory as to the destructive nature of drugs and addiction, both physically and mentally and amped up by super powers.  There’s always a price to pay and it all it takes is that first hit.  Ok, time to stop fanboying.  These issues are most definitely a read for anyone still unsure.  Hurry and pick yours up before they fly off the shelves!

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