Firefly #3

Fans of space westerns rejoice! Firefly is back!


Written by Greg Pak
Illustrated by Dan McDaid
Colored by Marcelo Cost
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Published by Boom!

Pursued by the Unificactors, stuck between a mob of thieves and their own customers–It’s just another day for Malcom Reynolds and the crew. The continue trying to covertly get the pilgrims of Moriah to their Holy Site. Fortunes turn regularly as fortunes will sometimes do.

Set sometime after the pilot of the show and before the movie, Grek Pak brings the familiar characters and settings together.  This series is scripted like Firefly and the story so far is worthy of an episode. It reads and twists as well as the show. Issue #4 has to do something predictably unpredictable to make this arc perfect.

The art is consistent with the series, but cartoon-ish in character design. The men’s shoulders are over-emphasized. I’m guessing Dan wasn’t given permission to use the actors likeness as many facial features were removed. While hand-drawn, the production values are a tad less professional but I’m enjoying it.

It is a buy for fans and comic readers. Not so much for people looking for Jim Lee-style pages.
3½ stars of 5
Look for Firefly #3 at your comic shop or online at boom!

Lonnie WebbDISCLAIMER: Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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