Fight Like a Girl 4

ROUND 4! Amarosa has made it through three trials that have all tested her in ways she couldn’t imagine. Though her fourth trail is colossal in more ways than one, finding out what makes her special may be the key to her success. The question is… will she figure it out in time?

Some people fight for fame.  Some fight to prove something to themselves.  Some, like our heroine Amarosa, fight for the ones we love.  She has thus far been successful in her quest, but will the trial in this fourth issue of Fight Like a Girl be too much for her this time?

Although I missed out on Round 2 (issue 2), I think this was my favorite trial of them all.  Amarosa squares off against another seemingly impossible foe with her ever changing bat.  This time though, it is not just the giant creature she must defeat.  Sometimes it is that which is inside you that you must overcome in order to triumph.  *cue cheesy heroic music*

Not only was this trial my favorite so far, but I think the artwork this issue was set in was the best one yet.  The environment was not only gorgeously laid out but the colors were, well, really pretty.  As with the theme of the story of course, there was some cool looking action.  Then there’s that crazy bat that turns into practically anything, you gotta love that.

As this issue now wraps up what will now be the first volume, the ending as you’d imagine leaves you grabbing for more.  With all the fight sequences taking the foreground, you almost forget the drive behind the quest but the end provides enough emotional force to remind you.  Things are bound to get even more intense once Volume 2 opens, so be sure to catch up with these four soon.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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