Feathers 5

Feeling alone and betrayed by Bianca and Gabriel, Poe finds a humbled and apologetic Z,
who tells him that all the Mice have been taken by the Scarf Man.

A friend feeling absolutely betrayed and tired of being an outcast.  The other friend feeling terrible for not doing more and sick of nobody listening.  A city, divided not just by walls, but by beliefs.  The next to last issue number five of Feathers is really taking all the tension thus far and setting up for a great close.

Poe returns home after Bianca lets him down, but no sooner leaves when he finds out his father knew about the guide all this time.  He soon stumbles upon Z and learns just what is happening to all the children who’ve gone missing.  On the other side of the situation, Bianca tries desperately to reason with her mother about what really happened when she safely gets home.  In an effort to sneak off and right things, her father finds her yet assists knowing her good and brave intentions.

While the beautiful views we saw a lot of recently aren’t present here, the artwork is no less wonderful.  The very expressive lineart and gorgeous colors hold up their end of the book just as strong as ever.  Even without any wide angle shots through the sky, the art in here still soars.

One issue left, and I’m so drawn into this series that I just don’t want it to end.  Everything is really coming together so well and I can only imagine how fantastic the last book will be.  You most definitely want to be grabbing these books, whether you’re following along or catching up in preparation of the ending.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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