Feathers 4

Good friends are hard to come by in the Maze. Poe and Bianca will have to stick together and outsmart the Guard if they want to reach the White Guide, but a new revelation may shake their courage.

As if living in the bad part of a very divided city wasn’t bad enough, getting betrayed by those you thought you were protecting definitely stings.  With a new friend to protect, multiple new threats to deal with, Poe is in a lot of trouble.  Issue four of Feathers is really starting to build the story up and it was in my opinion the best yet.

After the “leader” of the Mice aka the Maze children tries to get the city Guards to capture Poe, it is thanks to the help of a friend that he and Bianca manage to escape.  No sooner than they do, the mysterious figure from the shadows taking the Mice appears.  He gives Poe a tough choice to make – his life for the lives of Bianca the other children.  Once again making a daring escape, he brings Bianca back to the city, only to end up in a very harsh situation with the residents.

I’ve loved the artwork right from the beginning and it just keeps on delivering.  There was a lot more action, and some more excellent aerial views of the city that drew me in here.  I also really enjoyed seeing more of the so to speak Pied Piper character, as well as the White Guide.

This was a very strong issue, in both the writing, the art and definitely the emotional attachment.  The end scene had me feeling so involved in the heartbreaking interaction with Poe and Bianca.  I absolutely want to keep reading on after this issue and would highly suggest getting into this series.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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