Fearscape #3

Fearscape 3 cover

Henry Henry continues crashing down a path of his own making. He has stolen the final work of his bedridden mentor and marketed it for himself. No one could possibly see through this ruse, he would think. And if they did, no matter–it must be their own fault!

Fearscape #3
 (of four)
Written by Ryan O’Sullivan
Illustrated by Andrea Mutti
Colored by Vladimir Popov
Lettered by Andworld Design
Published by Vault

Synopsis: Henry Henry, two forenames, no family. Or two surnames, no identity. Which is it or both? Ryan playfully banters with voice once again, letting use see a reality and pasted over that the self-deception Henry composes to offer himself up as guiltless. Having stolen from Proctor, he now will face the very event that was the pinnacle in his life: meeting a child fan at a signing where he sits in for Proctor. Self-destructively he charges ahead and ultimately toward the end of the issue, meets murder.

As before this third issue of the series gives us the moment in which Henry as a boy met Proctor with roles reversed. The monsters, fates, and muse all return also but to our world, not the fearscape.

Fearscape is strong with story on many levels. It symbolizes so much of human weaknesses in our self-projections and self-defenses combed over with our toothless coping mechanisms. It is also strong with imagery and Mutti’s art that plays on the subconscious.

Henry is tumbling headlong into disaster in the fearscape as well and in real life with ultimately are coming to a conclusion. Rather than me spoiling this moment, go get the previous issues and read them all back to back!

This is a buy for anyone that savors word or art and a blessing to those who appreciate both.

4 of 5 stars
Look for it at your local comic shop or check on Comixology.

Lonnie Webb

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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