Fathom Volume 8 #1

Fathom Vol 8 No 1

Fathom begins volume 8. Is it full of swimsuit art every issue? Is there water in the ocean? What brand of designer shorts are those?

Fathom Volume 8 #1
Written by Vince Hernandez
Illustrated by Mauricio Campetella
Colored by Peter Steigerwald
Published by Aspen Comics

Synopsis: The world below is no longer a secret and everything has led to this… Aspen Matthews must restore the balance between both humans and The Blue as once again Fathom’s preeminent villain, Killian, has returned to reclaim what he believes belongs to himself and his people. The stakes have never been higher as this volume returns Aspen’s  20 year-old world to its roots, as Aspen must risk the fate of both worlds in order to stop Fathom’s most dangerous foe.

Vince Hernandez makes the leap over from to Fathom in this welcome shakeup of established world building of Fathom! The story will not shock Aspen readers for the most part in terms of pacing as it continues to suffer perennial eco-babble masking scenery chewing as plot. But when the shocks happen—if you are read in on the history—they actually are shocking.

Mauricio Campetella’s art continues the trend of beautiful drawings of Aspen. Unfortunately, we see her swimming to the depths in a bikini only to appear in the next page wearing wearing a wet suit. What happened in between? A caption is all I’m asking for.

There is loads of expression in the figures and faces. All of the art is worthy of being mounted.

Would I buy it? I like Fathom better than most takes on Aquaman. Even with its flaws, Fathom remains above average and this issue is more enjoyable than past issues I have read. I don’t know if this is a must read but it is a fun summer read.

Check for it at your local comic shop or go get it online.

I give this 3 1/2 crashing waves of 5 (with higher expectations)
Lonnie Webb

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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