Fathom Blue #2

The four reluctant civil servants of Fathom Blue get their first mission to bring in an Elite Blue by the name of Elia, who we briefly saw in the first issue putting some fishermen in their place for victimizing a pod of dolphins. The usual super hero mini-fight ensues before Elia is convinced to come in with the team. It’s a case of hidden agendas, with Maylander’s group having a plan to keep the Blue in tow, and the Blue hatching plans to escape their clutches. At first, Elia is amenable to Admiral Maylander’s entreaties that they have to learn to work together, until she realizes he has dozens of the Blue under study. A sidebar story shows a man spreading a plague with a rising body count.

This book continues to scream Futurians meets the Uncanny X-men, which for some is very likely a good thing. One thing is certain, it is guaranteed to keep this book flying off the shelves. The art continues to impress without going much outside the frame work of Michael Turner (although he does not actually work on this book). Fathom Blue does feature nearly every shade of the color blue in the imagination which gives it a consistent, beautiful look despite the fact that the subject matter of the story is divisive, accentuating betrayal and violence throughout.

The story, once again, is another matter. There is still very little plot development beyond the cliche of reluctant super team coming together to battle a greater menace. Guessing Maylander’s true intentions is about the only uncertainty that Fathom Blue offers, but lovers of the Michael Turner world are not likely to complain given the dazzling visuals.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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