Fantasticon – Lansing 2016

20160305_175752It was a snowy winter’s morning when I set out for Lansing and my first ever Fantasticon show. Honestly, if I weren’t completely filled with cabin fever and the urge to be around other people, the snow would have kept me curled up cozy inside. Thank goodness for cabin fever because what I found was a great little show!

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I can be fairly picky about my events. I have expectations after seeing some really great ones. I’m thrilled to say that other than one issue (which wasn’t the event’s fault), this is a great little show! From my understanding, this was the first time that this show had been held in Lansing. If that’s the case, either the folks behind it have some experience or like me, they’ve seen the good and the bad at these kinds of events.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Parking. Parking was awful. It’s not that there wasn’t adequate parking. It’s that the venue hadn’t bothered to keep their lots plowed which limited parking in at least one lot and just made the process far more difficult than it needed to be.

Still, once I got inside, it was smooth sailing from there. The check in procedure seemed to be going smoothly and once I’d purchased my pass, it was right through the entrance into the action. There were groups set up in the large hallway outside of the vendor’s hall which made them easy to find and easy to access for photos and learning more about their groups.  I managed to get a few pictures and then made my way to the vendor hall.

This is one of those areas that can make or break a show, but I’m thrilled to say that it was laid out in such a way that I had no trouble finding anything or anyone. After a quick stop to say hi to Dirk Manning and JR Blanton, I decided to wander around the floor. I bumped into a few other folks that I knew from other shows and even got called over to chat by Jeremy London, one of the celebrity guests at the show. He’s a super nice guy so if you get the chance, I suggest you say hi. I even saw him leave his table more than once to snap a picture of someone in a fantastic costume. He seemed to be as big of a fan as he was a celebrity that day.

After a wander around the floor, stopping to chat with people and to do a bit of shopping, I decided to check out the panel room. I loved that it was right around the corner from the vendor hall so I wasn’t wasting time wandering around the hotel trying to find it. I will confess to nearly napping in there though! The vendor hall had the heat cranked on high and the panel room seemed to have the a/c running. Cooling off made me way too comfortable. Luckily, the panel being done by Podcast Detroit and Brimstone was a good one so I managed to keep it down to a few yawns.

Post panel, I did another round of the hall, said my goodbyes to folks and headed home. The show was coming to a close for the day and I still needed to grab some lunch/dinner.  All in all, I would say that this is a show that I’m already looking forward to checking out next year. In fact, since Fantasticon does a number of shows in the Michigan/Ohio area, I’ve already reached out to them about attending their Toledo event next month as press. If they impress me there, their shows may become a regular part of the site’s con circuit. I guess you’ll have to come back next month to find out!


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