FallCon 30

FallCon’s 30th anniversary is also Geek-o-Rama’s 5th anniversary and G-o-R’s founder’s birthday, so it was a special weekend all around.

This year, FallCon was at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary, Alberta for the first time after outgrowing it’s former venue. Even so, the huge room was filled to capacity throughout the entire event.

Imagine a shelf full of your favourite board or tabletop games and a pile you’ve always wanted to try out…now imagine dozens upon dozens of shelves filled with hundreds of games. That’s FallCon. A huge room full of every game you’ve ever wanted to play and plenty of people of all ages to play with.

The gaming area was filled to capacity the entire time I was there on all three days, and every event was packed. Huge tournaments of games including Pandemic and Captain Sonar ran throughout the weekend. There was even an Escape the Games Closet room that featured at least a half-dozen escape attempts.

Prototype Alley let you talk directly with game designers who were there to get real-world play-testing feedback. I got to meet and talk with designers and publishers of several games, from Roxley Game Laboratory with their popular Santorini and Brass games to Tiny Ninjas, which is publishing their first game in the new year. I’m also looking forward to doing reviews of several of these games.

In addition to Vendors Row supporting FallCon, there was the live auction with over 400 games up for grabs on Saturday night, and the flea market Sunday morning for those looking for a bargain. The location at SAIT was great. It was right between two convenient parking areas, and a wide selection of food was available within a short distance.

Also live on Friday and Saturday was The Forge and their demonstrations of Western Martial Arts (sword fighting). Life sized (okay, live-kid-sized) King of Tokyo was also available throughout the weekend for players to try their hand at.

My hosts at FallCon were fabulous. From the first people I talked with at the door to the founders and board members making time to talk with us through out the event, we were treated very well. There were gaming experts roaming the playing area to help anyone trying a new game.

The only real downside was the room was a bit too echoey for interviews on site, so we set them up to follow the event.

I’m looking forward to next year at FallCon 31.

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