Faith (2016 Ongoing) #11+12

Faith no more!One by one, Faith has outsmarted and defeated every member of her brand-new rogues gallery. But when all four of Los Angeles’ most sinister minds attack their sworn enemy at once, their combined power may prove to be too powerful to handle! But will evil finally triumph over the high-flying psiot…or collapse under its own collective weight? The most pivotal moment in Faith’s solo career starts here with a rumble that won’t just seal the fate of Los Angeles, but the entire nation!

For every superhero, no matter how powerful, they’re going to have one challenge they struggle through. It’s often a defining moment, something overwhelming they hopefully come out on top of. Facing off against a handful of her rogues gallery, this could be one of those for Faith in issues 11 and 12 closing out this arc.

Shortly after “The Faithless” supervillain team release GATE prisoners, Faith rounds them up. What she doesn’t know is this was all a part of their plot, leading up to her being framed for murder. It isn’t until she shows up at work that she finds this news out, and goes to return home and stay under the radar. It is then that she is captured by the evil group, eventually planning to kill her. With each of them put on rotating guard duty, she learns that Murder Mouse or just plain Jeff, is really on the fence about the whole supervillain gig. Using this and the already shaky alliance to her advantage, Faith gets the group to fight among themselves to escape. It is by Jeff’s actions that she manages to get out, but until she has proof otherwise, Faith is still going to be on the run.

A dozen issues into the ongoing series and the artwork has maintained the good quality it began with in its infancy. It’s bright and powerful without being overdone and is never hard to follow. Facial expressions and emotion is something it always does so well and it continues to show here.

While Faith may have gotten herself out of this tough situation, she still has the lingering effects to deal with. I’m very curious to see how she’s going to do her superhero gig with the public seeing her as a bad guy. Be the good guy, do the right thing and get yourself into this fantastic series before it gets too far in.

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