Faith (2016 Ongoing) #10

“THE FAITHLESS” are here! The villains are coming! Faith’s most fearsome foes and ruthless rogues—including Chris Chriswell, Murder Mouse, Dark Star, and Sydney—have finally united, creating an unstoppable coalition of evil with one goal in mind: Destroy Faith Herbert! Together, they are The Faithless…and if Los Angeles’ greatest hero doesn’t think fast and fly even faster, they’re going to ground the sky-soaring psiot for good!

Every superhero has a nemesis, often even a handful of supervillains they have to manage. It’s not always the case that they’re unlucky enough to have supervillains teaming up against them. The tenth issue of Faith sets the stage for this newest and possible toughest situation for our hero.

Loosely following Faith in her daily life both civilian and hero, this issue focuses more on her enemies. Namely, Murder Mouse, Dark Star, and Sydney being brought together by Chris Chriswell to form “The Faithless”. With this powerful group united and possibly gathering more, Faith has no idea of the challenge she has ahead of her.

Although he’s a villain, I can’t help but still think Dark Star is an adorable little cat. That aside, we have a slightly slower, but still just as good looking book. Unless something drastic changes, even issues with minimal action art should never let us down.

Now I can totally see why we the previous issue was done the way it was. This has the potential to be a fantastic new story and I can’t wait to see what happens. If you’re somehow just trying out Faith, this is a really good time to jump in to the series.

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