EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden

Revealing over a decade of images created during the development of EVE Online, DUST 514, and EVE: Valkyrie, this is the ultimate look at the most massive and dynamic universe in video games!

Created in close collaboration with the developers behind each game, this gorgeous full-color hardcover immerses readers in New Eden through hundreds of stunning, never-before-seen pieces of art. With in-depth commentary by CCP throughout, this is a must-have for any fan of science fiction, video games, or jaw-dropping visuals!

While I’m certainly far from an MMO junkie, I’ve played a decent amount of them.  One that I’ve honestly never dabbled with is EVE Online, as often as I had seen stuff for it and considered it.  After checking out EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden, I got to see a portion of just what I’ve missed all this time and more.

As expansive as the world of EVE must be, I’m sure that this art book only scrapes the surface of it.  Even so, this book does an excellent job showing us a lot of great content from the game.  Primarily focusing on many of the spacecraft from the game, there’s also snippets of the planets, weaponry and even the land vehicles.  It’s really quite impressive how in depth the art team went with this game.

While it’s not as awesome as seeing it in game, the visuals that this art book provides is a pleasure to see regardless.  Plus, getting to see so much of the artwork that went into the final product is a treat.  Out of all the various pieces of the game that were shown, I think the planets honestly were the best.  The gorgeous paintings that we get to see here are simply fantastic.

For all of those that have been into EVE as long as it’s been around, this is a really great book to pick up.  Not only will you see a nice collection of current content, you’ll even get a peek at the new EVE: Valkyrie.  I’m actually picking it up when it comes out to be honest, and would say this book is something to pick up for sure in the mean time.

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EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden will be available 4/1.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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