Eternal Soulfire #1

The world of magic and technology have finally collided! And, with it, a new cast of characters will rise. Cassidy, a young high school student with a very big secret, will discover that magic is not only real—but will change her life forever in ways she never could’ve imagined. Meanwhile, Miya, the ancient warrior from the earliest days of the Soulfire Universe, has returned with a vengeance—and both of their paths will be inextricably united! 

High school can be horrible experience. Hormones are raging, cliques are forming, and you have to wake up at like six AM. Now imagine you were in high school and had magic powers! Even worse, having magic powers ostracized you and made you the target of the Magic Police. This is the premise behind Eternal Soulfire. In a crazy world where technology is magic and vise versa, Cassidy is feeling ill and doesn’t want to participate in PE. Little does she know, she’s feeling ill because she can fly and has nutso glowing wings! All of her classmates rightfully think this is awesome, but Cassidy is petrified by her newfound abilities.

Apparently, magic in this universe is being abused by scientists to create unholy abominations. I think that these creations of theirs look pretty cool actually. Pretty much everything in this book looks pretty cool, the last art I saw that was this good was in the Louvre. Eternal Soulfire manages to paint a picture of an interesting world, one that is believably plagued by technological magic run amok. When I was in high school I got history text books that listed Bill Clinton as the most recent president (this was 2012), but Cassidy gets holographic dinosaurs and tablets. There’s no magic in real life, besides copies of Eternal Soulfire. This book is as close to magic that we’ve gotten is what I’m saying.

Eternal Soulfire is published by Aspen Comics. Look at their website and also look at their Facebook.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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