Elvira Mistress of the Dark Spring One-Shot

Story by Scott Bryan Wilson, Fernando Ruiz, and Dan Parent
Art by Fernando Ruiz and Dan Parent
Color by Valentina Pinto and Brittany Pezzillo
Letters by Taylor Esposito

Elvira is a unique “property” to work with. Because Elvia, the trademark, is synonymous with Elvia the character. Elvira, the character, is synonymous with Cassandra Peterson, the actress who created the persona as the host of Elvira’s Movie Macabre. In an era of recasts and reboots, there will never be another Elvira. She was the star, not Cassandra Peterson.

At the same time, Elvira has a long history in comics. But I’ve never had the chance to really read them until now. I opened this one-shot not being sure what to expect. I won’t lie when I say it took a bit to wrap my head around things. When I think “Elvira” I think of the cover art, by Reilly Brown. Largely realistic, but appropriately spooky. In fact, most of Dynamite Comics’ Elvira stories look very much like that. The art inside this book, however, is something more akin to an Archie comic. The art is distinct, clean, and slightly silly. Combine that with the character’s penchant for witty banter, and you have something that’s just pure fun that worked exceptionally well.

You have to take the nearly four decades of everything Elvira and ignore it. This version is built on what Elvira is not what Elvira has done. Elvira had a movie in 1988, and when I get home from the office I’m going to go find it. But I had to forget that existed for the first story, which had Elvira leaving the horror film festival circuit to find her fame in Hollywood. When she arrives in L.A. she heads straight for the office of the best in the business. She is quickly snapped up by director, George Rottmero. He puts her front and center for his inevitable blockbusters, The Creature from the Stacked Lagoon, HELLoween, and Gripe of the Living Dead, before she discovers the dark secret to his success.

The second story, The Satan 500, was a short, and nonsensical, race between Elvira and Satan, with Jason Voorhees along for the ride. But not THAT Jason Voorhees.

Once I got into what this was I can say, without a doubt, this is an Elvira series I would read the Hell out of; it gets a solid 4 out 5 stars for me.

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