Ei8ht #3+4

Time is almost up!

As Dr. Hamm and the black-ops soldier
Collins try to survive in the prehistoric past, the fierce warrior Nila and the
chrononaut Joshua attempt to convince the rebel council to take up arms against
the Tyrant before he releases a dangerous scourge and wipes them all from the
face of the Meld!
Rafael Albuquerque
Mike Johnson
Rafael Albuquerque
Dark Horse
The fun thing about time travel stories is
that they don’t have to make sense, as long as they provide an enjoyable
narrative and a satisfying payoff to the initial set up. The second half of
Rafael Alnuquerque and Mike Johnson’s stellar time travelling pulp tale satisfies
on both fronts.
This issue helps resolve a lot of the
mystery surrounding the first few issues,whilst linking the differing time
streams together into one. It’s a tale that’s broadly sketched in the best of
possible terms, as Joshua and Nila form the emotional core of a piece where a
literal Nazi villain faces off against a persecuted minority that acts as an
amalgamation of all the different beliefs on nomadic life. It’s to the scripts
credit that it focuses more on action and keeping everything going than the
broadly silly plot, but it also doesn’t seem to be afraid of that more silly
side either, embracing it and making it just another component of a winning
Thrown into this is Albuquerque’s art, with
its ragged, kinetic look. I’ve spoken praises about this before and I have to
repeat it again. The way he makes all the different time periods work with the
colouring is a masterclass in subtly- even scenes that don’t show a skyline
find a way to indicate what time period they are a part of, by utilising broad
brushstrokes in the background or by incorporating it into the clothing of
characters or a part of a key object. The effect is such that it’s effortless
to keep track of what is happening, something that is a lot easier said than
done and which makes it all the more impressive.
If there are any down points, is that the
story loses a bit of steam once the 4th issue draws to a close with
the promise of a battle between the nomadic tribes and the Nazi lead armies.
There was no real build up to it, nor really a chance to get to know the tribe
itself, other than when they tried to impede the main characters progress. As
such, suddenly asking us to care about them is perhaps a step too far.
Besides that though, I enjoyed both issues
so much. With next issue being its final one, it’s well worth checking out the
other issues now. Even if the writing isn’t up to much, those who like
something visually attesting to look at won’t be disappointed.
Cover image courtesy of Dark Horse
Ei8ht is available from Dark Horse.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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