Ei8ht #2

Chrononaut Joshua is stuck in the
dimension known as the Meld, captured by a camp of rebels that oppose the
maniacal Tyrant and his champion, the Spear. When Joshua remembers his mission,
the past and the future collide to reveal the peril he must face.
Rafael Albuquerque
Mike Johnson
Rafael Albuquerque
Dark Horse
Issue 2 of this very visually striking comic
takes it down a notch in terms of action, but its solid continuing storyline
and intriguing central mystery is enough to make up for it.
Following on from last issue, Joshua starts
to remember part of why (if not how) he ended up in The Meld, whilst the people
he has ended up with decide what it is they are to do with the stranger who has
appeared from nowhere. Meanwhile in a side story we have a professor travelling
to a jungle to discover something, which naturally, goes horribly wrong.
The topsy turvy nature of the narrative and
how some storylines seem to be happening in both the past and present at the
same time certainly kept me guessing. The ways of presenting each time period,
with different background colours that still work with the scenes they are a
part of, is really well done, perhaps down to the Rafael Albuquerque being in
charge of all the art duties as well as joint writer.
Being able to have such control means that
it really feels like a well rounded project that has every single part working
in synch. As mentioned before, it’s more of an issue that feels like adding in
plot  points to be picked up on later
than anything conclusive, but the set-ups are great and the artwork is killing
it for me on every panel. Somehow Albuquerque have made even something as
mundane as a conversation between two characters on panel seem visually
All in all, a steady continuation of last
issue. Readers still interested in checking out the series should start from
issue 1 and get this one at the same time before it all kicks off in the next
few issues.
Cover image available from Dark Horse.
Ei8ht is available from Dark Horse

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