Ehmm Theory #1

Gabriel Ehmm has awoken to a world where zombie “little people”
rise from graves, someone calling himself “Saint Peter” offers bargains, and
his pet kitten can now “talk”.  Connected
by blood and straddling the afterlife, Gabe and Mr. Whispers (the aforementioned
talking cat) begin a universe-spanning adventure in the first issue of this
mind-bending and genre-blending new series.
Where does one even begin with a review on a book about
zombies, talking cats, and the afterlife unlike any seen before?  I suppose I’ll start off by saying that if
Ehmm Theory is any indication of what the new Action Lab “mature reader” line
is going to be like, I’m totally down with it. 
This comical horror is a great step away from all things superhero in
comics, and I for one welcome it with open arms.
The story is of course in its infancy, so it’s a bit hard to say
exactly what the direction is.  So far
though, we’ve begun a rather amusing 
tale of a poor sap killed before his prime due to a lover’s
misunderstanding, and his adorable kitten sidekick who amusingly enough can
talk.  All the while, we lump the comedy
and cuteness in with a backdrop of vertically challenged zombies and douse it
with blood and guts.  Ya, try saying that
three times fast.
Now that you have a good visual of what you can expect with
this book, I can move onto the actual art within.  The illustrations that provide us a
frightening view into this world, while still showing us a funny side to it
all.  It’s a bit rough on the edges, but
I actually think that it positively adds to the overall feel to the book.
There’s a lot going on all at once just within this first
issue.  Even beyond what we’ve discussed
already, you have teleporters, zombie slaying old ladies, and more.  If you can wrap your head around that
concept, you’re in for a hysterical treat here. 
This could definitely become a favorite for many, so I’d say grab a copy
whenever you can.
For more information on Ehmm Theory or other Danger Zone
titles, check out Action Labs/Danger Zone.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer and not those of a talking cat.

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