Edge of Tomorrow

Adapted from the Japanese novel “All You Need Is Kill” this movie got a lot more critical praise than it did box office success. The good news, it’s still in some theaters and I checked it out Friday night. The premise here is that an alien race has invaded earth and is completely jacking us up. The humans in the movie come up with this great new fighting suit that appears to have turned the tide in the war. I will stop there with the plot because there are some really cool surprises and interesting plot twists in this one.

What I liked. I liked the fact that we don’t get the Groundhogs Day reprisal in a sci fi package. This movie does involved living, dying and repeating, but after the first 20 minutes or so some pretty excellent scripting devices assume we know where we are in the film and most I believe will pick up the pace in their heads. This movie moves fast, it’s like having your DVD player on fast forward for 25% of the movie, having said that, in this one you kind of want that. There are some pretty decent stars in this movie but even Tom Cruise is over shadowed by some dazzling special effects and a mind-jarring plot. The aliens remind me of the demons in HELLBOY only they have longer tentacles and their faces are just freakin awesome.

What I thought was so so. I am not an Emily Blunt fan so I just don’t have a lot to say about her, but she does have a major role here. I don’t however even understand why Rita (Emily Blunts character) is in a few parts of the film especially where to me it becomes obvious that Cage (Tom Cruises character) is probably emotionally better off fulfilling his mission without her. She is needed for his training in the film because in spite of the claims at the beginning of the film, this alien fighting suit they come up with won’t do anything for you if you just flat out suck. I don’t want to give too much away but there are a few elements that seem to be a theme in Hollywood when it comes to taking aliens down. While it kept this film at a decent running time, it felt a little like a cop out.

EDGE OF TOMORROW is fun, fast paced often funny and delightful in un-expected ways. I highly recommend checking it out. I don’t think it was better than OBLIVION which is as much of a must watch as Tom Cruises other sci fi epic MINORITY REPORT. I give this movie a 5 out of 7. An enjoyable Cruise flick for non-Cruise fans. Rating Definition – A VISION WORTHY OF YOUR TIME. This is the movie that you missed along the way probably, but deserves better than that. After you go up to the movie poster and apologize you should definitely go in and see it or rent it or buy it. This movie probably had someone that shocked you at how well they did or at least one major epic fight scene that made you say….man, can’t believe I almost missed that one.

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