If you ever find yourself with an idea for a shirt that you
absolutely need to get made, we have a great place for you to head to.  The crew at Geekorama recently had the
opportunity to try out Dress United, a cool new custom T-shirt company.  They actually ended up helping us get our
first official shirt made, and we’re more than pleased with the overall
The creation process itself is extremely easy from start to
finish.  You begin by picking your shirt,
your shirt style, and your color.  Then,
whether it be text to insert or your own image to upload, even jersey style
names and numbers, they lay it all right there for you.  Once that’s done, all you need to do is
calculate sizes and quantities, get your price quote, and move on to checkout
details!  It’s really that simple, and
you’ve made yourself a shirt all your own.
Shipping was fairly fast and we had out shirt in hand just in time to give it a trial run at C2E2! The shirt held up really well after a day of “roughing” it at the convention. Everyone who saw it loved the design. In fact, a few people wanted to know where they could get theirs, so major kudos to our designer, Brian! 
We did have two minor concerns..the first being the smell of the shirt. I don’t know what chemicals were used in the printing of the shirt, but they left it with a strong smell if you got your nose anywhere near the printing. A quick wash sorted that out! Our other concern? The white printing had a vaguely black look to it, as if the printing weren’t solid on the black shirt. Nobody noticed it except for us though and that’s most likely being we were being nitpicky.
All in all, a really positive experience from start to finish and who knows…we might start offering these up for sale to our fans soon! If you’d like to try out your own custom shirt design skills, Dress United has given us a 30% off code for all of you to try out, just for being our fans! How awesome is that? To get your discount, simply use the code: BLOG30OFF4U


Geek-o-Rama was provided with a discount code for one free shirt in exchange for this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the folks who wrote it.

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