Based in 2074 Dredd pits Judge Dredd against MaMa a brutal drug lord with plans to spread the reality altering drug Slow-Mo to the rest of what is basically the East Coast. Unlike it’s predecessor this one is actually quite a bit more violent and far better acted. I prefer Diane Lane (Man Of Steel) over Olivia Thirby but that is not to say she doesn’t deliver a strong performance or that she wasn’t right for the role. All I can say about Karl Urban is that he was awesome as Dredd, but largely because he channeled Sylvester Stallone’s snarl from the first movie. We don’t see Karl’s whole face in this one.

The movie starts out with the director trying to show us what it looks like when MaMa is on Slow-Mo, but rather it resembles a commercial for bubble bath and you are half way expecting a puppy to show up. Even some of the films more violent portions are shot like a Skillets commercial gone wrong. If you have seen it and don’t think that – stop reading this review and watch it again. I will wait. If you saw the movie “Max Payne” you might also think “is this Max Payne II” only with better weapons and no Valkyries? Then I will tell you no, no it’s not. It’s Dredd, look at the helmet.

This one isn’t just about Dredd, we get some great secondary character development and just the right amount of dialog to make you care.

In the end we are given a much improved vision the comic deserved and this one is well worth your time. Think DIE HARD in a huge skyscraper apartment building with a psychic (Cassandra) and some ridiculously cool weapons. Then maybe grab some popcorn. Also, I have to give it to Lena Headey, if you didn’t think she could act after 300, you will probably change your mind after this.

I give it a 4 out of 7. REALLY GOOD This movie was better than expected especially after the critics killed it. It does have that “I think I may have seen this before” feeling, but you haven’t, it’s all in your head. This movie was likely redeemed by some amazing actor or actress like Hugh Jackman or Kate Beckinsale.

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