Dream Logic HC

Collecting the entire series of Dream Logic by David
Mack, this hardcover includes original new stories, as well as a gallery of
artwork, a sketchbook, step-by-step art processes with commentary on Mack’s
cover work, the Kabuki series, and never-before-seen extras.
Also included are art and making-of features from the
Tarot Card set, exhibited in galleries around the world, as well as Mack’s
figure drawings that were exhibited with the works of Gustav Klimt and Egon
Schiele in Los Angeles and Chicago.
This is the epitome of what an art really book is,
through and through.  Not to say I don’t
enjoy art books that feature content from games, movie and such because I love
those.  Those are wonderful displays of
art that allow us to view stuff that we may not necessarily see if we don’t play
or watch the latest release.  With this
full collection of the Dream Logic series from David Mack, it is a pure
artistic experience straight from the mind to our eyes.
It’s really hard to explain a book like this in words
that describe the journey from page to page. 
It takes everything Mack has offered in Dream Logic and putting it in
your hands in one bundle.  This is the
most eclectic collection I’ve ever seen in an art book yet.  Whether it is sketches from the middle of the
night, in depth look at cover work, or scans of art he did as a child, we step
deep into the mind of the artist.
There was so much art that I was bound to enjoy some, but
not necessarily all of it.  Not to say
that it wasn’t “good” but just not up my alley. 
Some of it in particular I really appreciated, as it reminded me of work
I actually liked to do when I was younger. 
One really nice thing is how much detailed commentary is included, which
helps you take in the artwork more.
As a straight up artbook, and not one totally based on
any sort of entertainment or fandom, this might not be for everyone.  Obviously, those familiar with his work, art
students and or those who value art in general will definitely benefit from
this purchase.  Otherwise, at the least
this would certainly be a fantastic addition to the coffee table for guests.
For more on Dream Logic or other Dark Horse titles, check
out Dark Horse Comics.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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