Dread Gods #1

Written: Ron Marz
Art: Tom Raney
Color Art: Nanjan Jamberi
Letter Art: Dave Lanphear

In a dystopian future in the Wasteland town, citizens can plug in to watch the daily lives of the gods of Olympus. Prometheus presents the lives of Zeus, Hera, Ares, Tyche, Achilles, Apollo, and Artemis; people literally plug and and watch as battle play out like soap operas. It is like how people of ancient times worship the gods, only in the digital age. One person, Carver, is convinced that the gods need his help to defeat Ares.

The jury is still out on the writing by Ron Marz. He has taken the classic story of the gods of Olympus who battle with the god of war Ares. The viewing screen used by the people of the Wastelands are doing an act of worship as they plug in every day to watch them battle and have love lives. Marz’s dialogue sees these gods as haughty, knowing they will win their battles, but I didn’t get much of a sense of what the people of Wastelands will have to do with Olympus. It is a good beginning, but remains to be seen if the story will be strong.

The art and color by Tom Raney and Nanjan Jamberi is crisp and colorful; the lines and character creation are good, the color schemes are good for each location. The gods are drawn different from any other rendition I have seen which is a good from the same old same old. The colors are more dull in Wasteland, but brighter on Olympus. The images and panels are engaging and they kept the story going.



Writing and Art: Bart Sears
Color Art: Neeraj Menon
Letter Art: Dave Lanphear

Akron is a Giantkiller, sworn to protect Auroro who is a chosen White, a people who have powers. This is another story taking place in a dystopian future. During their journey in this issue, Auroro and Akron are attacked by a Ravenfier, a sorcerer dwarf. Ravenfier and his creatures are out to kill Auroro, but she exhibits a strong force to blow the Ravenfier away but not kill him. Ravenfier vows to destroy Auroro and Akron, and the sword Akron carries, the Giantkiller.

This was included with this issue of Dread Gods as a glimpse into a new story. It kind of reminds me of an comic from the 1990s with the character art. The way Auroro is drawn and even the creature that follows Ravefier looks like some creature from a long ago X-Men comic. Again, with a new story, it is tough call. I like the story and I hope it is fully developed.

I want to like both of these titles, I will give them 3 stars.

Ominous Press’ collaboration with IDW Publishing information can be found here Ominous Press/IDW Publishing

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