Dollface #8+9

Lila’s battle comes to an emotional end in this horrific tale of Dollface.

Oh, but that’s not all folks, tell them what else they’ve won! Catching up in between these two arcs may not have been the best idea, especially with how gut wrenching the end was for issue eight. Issue nine of Dollface may not have had that emotional punch to the face, but it wasn’t exactly a ray of sunshine either.

With Emily being taken away from the fight, much to her frustration, Ivan returns to assist Lila who is clearly struggling against the rotund witch. She comes up with a great plan to bring Orla down from the inside, and her and Ivan successfully pull it off. You’d think this is where they celebrate another victory, right? Nope, here’s where your feels get walked all over and it’s really rough. Emily is brought back so she can make the final blow, but instead blames Lila for everything and no longer wants to even know her. The next issue and arc jumps a few months ahead, with Lila alone and doing sort of a soul searching deal. We actually get a lot more story of her past life as she tries to figure out what she’s now become and her place in the world. In her travels she finds herself being led to a potential new witch foe, but we’ll have to wait for the next book to see what happens.

Another reason that this in between arc read was poorly timed was the change in guard as far as the artwork goes. As the closure to this battle, issue eight oddly enough did not end in any exploding body parts or super gore as I’d expect. It also seems to have been the closure to Mendoza’s hand in the art (for now at least) as we get a completely different style in book nine. While it’s not the look we’re used to, it’s one I think could grow on me if it sticks around for a while. The only thing that felt a bit off were the pages as a whole, with everything feeling darkened, but time will tell.

Just when it seemed like this strange new team was beginning to come together, it all falls apart. That’s a good thing though in the sense of the writing and building up their characters. Secretly I’m hoping that this divide doesn’t last long and they reunite sooner rather than later. No matter the number of issues it takes though, everyone should stick around hoping as each book comes out for us to buy.

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