Dollface #7

The battle continues as Lila and Ivan take on the giant, gluttonous, witch, who means to crush them. Literally.

The time for any amount of relaxation is gone and we’re back to the reality of slaying witches for this ragtag team. One member may be reeling from the events of the last book, but luckily our heavy hitter is still ready to kick ass. Or at least try to anyways, as the opposing forces in issue seven of Dollface are not going to go down easy, if at all.

If memory serves right in the half dozen issues we’ve gotten so far, I don’t think Lila has ever been this driven. Or pissed off at least. With Ivan taking Emily away from the battlefield, Lila focuses on trying to take out another evil from her past, the gargantuan cannibal Orla. You could really tell how strong her focus and desire to destroy this witch was and made it more exciting. While the five guardianĀ minions getĀ taken out with almost no trouble, Orla is going to prove to be a force to reckon with. Even with a super blast from Lila’s arm cannon, it barely even made a scratch, so we’ve got a tough fight to look forward to.

Wow, there was barely a page in this issue that went by without some kind of violent action going on. Seeing Lila absolutely annihilate the minions with an anchor was ridiculously awesome, it was a little sad that it did nothing to Orla. Granted, if it had we probably wouldn’t see whatever will be necessary to take her out in the upcoming release. Either way, between the anchor, her arm cannon and just her general ability to kick ass, there was absolutely no shortage of killer slayage. This is also the second book that Collette Turner did a variant cover for, so plus one for that.

Not that they’ve had it easy so far, but up until these recent events the group hasn’t faced anything this harsh. Not only is Emily going to have to deal with watching her girlfriend get killed, but Lila really has her work cut out for her with Orla. I’m actually at a loss to how she’s going to pull out a win on this one, so that’s going to be fun to see when it happens. Things are really starting to get good, more so than it already has been, so don’t let this pass you by.

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