Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #8

Bursting from a twisted parallel universe
and clawing their way through the void, the Fractures are here, and nothing
could prepare the Doctor for their insidious assault on reality!
The Doctor, Clara and UNIT must battle
the Fractures, as they slip through the cracks in our world to wear the skin –
and bodies – of innocent people, puppeteering them from the inside!
When the war spills out of quiet suburbia
and threatens the world, it will take a father and daughter – separated by
whole universes – to bring the conflict to an end!​
Robbie Morrison
Brian Williamson
Titan Comics
Hindsight is a beautiful thing. Though I
like Peter Capaldi’s take on the titular Time Lord and loved the start of the
series, it’s becoming clearer that writing for the character is hard to do.
This is especially the case with this two part issue, where the writing leans
towards the Doctor being cruel for cruelty’s sake. This sort of worked before
and due to Capaldi’s acting abilities the show could get away with it – but
without that, it’s not as effective.
I think it may be slightly to do with Brian
Williamson’s art – which manages to get the look of other characters on the
show down, seems to cast the Doctor in a somewhat grotesque light, which makes
his actions seem worse than they are. It may also be how rushed everything
seems in general this issue. Though I realise that you only have a limited
number of pages to pull off a story in a two parter (which, extracting ads,
covers,backup strips etc comes to about 22 pages an issue), don’t aim for a
story that is being part alien invasion, part family drama, part character
piece, THEN set up future issues
and include U.N.I.T as a cameo.
It’s that mish mash of ideas that spoiled my
enjoyment of things. Whilst the ability to be a genre mashup is part of the
shows strengths’, it can go wrong and this issue is a key example of this.
Overall, it’s just not my cup of tea. It may
be fun for those who have been following the whole comic series so far and have
committed to it, but it left me a little cold.
Cover image courtesy of Titan Comics.

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor is
available from 
Titan Comics.

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