Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #4

What secrets are hidden by the Scindia
family, a dynasty whose powerful roots trace back over a thousand years? What
strange genetic modifications fuel the death cult of the Thuggee? And how does
a humble Mumbai pickpocket figure into these world-changing events?
As each Thuggee sacrifice comes closer to
waking the ancient Kali from her slumber, can the Doctor uncover the truth
before her resurrection spells doom for India, Earth, and the galaxy?!
Robbie Morrison
Dave Taylor
Titan Comics
As mentioned in my review of last issue, I’m still a little on the fence about this series. Though it had a strong
opening storyline, last issue left me a little cold. One thing is clear though.
If the TV show is content to be a series of mostly serial episodes, connected
by an overarching plot, then the comic mini series is the exact opposite. In
fact, it’s shaping up to just be a series of stories spread out over two or
three issues!
Issue four doesn’t break that trend and even
‘one ups’ the last storyline, being at least one issue longer than the last
one. I just wish I found myself thinking the wait was worth it. I’m being
somewhat hyperbolic mind. The issue certainly cranks up the amount of plot
happening over the last one, letting all the individual story threads begin to
meet one another and intertwine. The different personalities and how they clash
certainly produce some interesting scenes, even if I feel the Doctor comes
across as being a little too mean at times.
One thing is apparent though – the creative
team are clearly enjoying being free of any restrains that a TV budget would
land them with. This issue alone we have Indian temples, cavernous catacombs, a
space station and Clara turning into…well, let’s not spoil too much eh?
Overall it’s a fun enough issue, even if it
does have some of the same problems as last issue. Clara has literally nothing
to do apart from become a literal plot point (nice to know the writer is
following in Steven Moffat’s shoes). From the writing this series, it does feel
at times like the writer is contractually obliged to include Clara in the
adventures, but would rather ditch her and write adventures about the people
who have appeared this issue.
Perhaps it’s true, so then I do have to give
credit for adapting to the circumstances in the best possible way. But I don’t
know about you, but an Indian assassin and the daughter of one of the Doctor’s
off screen companion’s, who grew up on tales of his adventures, sound like far
more interesting characters to be off with the Doctor’s exploring the universe than
Clara. Sorry Clara.
It’s an improvement on last issue by quite a
way and it does end on a nice cliffhanger. I hope I’ve just been too quick to
judge and the concluding issue of the story will have me seeing the error of my
ways. I’m really hoping so. I really am.
Cover image courtesy of Titan Comics.

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #4 is available from Titan Comics or your local comics retailer.

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