Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #2

Freshly regenerated and with a new head
full of unanswered questions, the Doctor whisks Clara Oswald away to a strange
and distant world. New Face! New Doctor! New Beginning! Get in on the ground
floor of this amazing ongoing series!
Robbie Morrison
Alice X Zhang
Dave Taylor
Hi-Fi Color Design
Titan Comics
Last issue started strong and with purpose-
if the new TV series took a whole season to finally decide what it wanted the
latest incarnation of the Doctor to be, it seems this comic knew from the
start. Last issue saw The Doctor and Clara landing on a planet where
terraforming has gone awry, with a mysterious being lurking at the heart of it
all. This issue brings the reveal the villain of the piece is…
..a Hyperion! Never heard of them? Well
neither have I, but it plays into the ambitions of the comic. A race of
sentient suns that turned malevolent when their life cycles began to come to an
end, they were defeated by an alliance of the most powerful races of the
galaxy, headed by the full might of the Timelord’s themselves. Only this time,
there’s only the Doctor to stop them.
What’s great about this issue is how Robbie
Morrison seems to be looking for something new with this comic. Of the three
Doctor Who comics launched by Titan so far, we’ve had three different
approaches. The Tenth Doctor comic focused on the micro, small scale stories
that could have world shattering consequences, whilst the Eleventh Doctor comic
has played it fast and loose, whilst always being centred around character
development. The Twelfth Doctor comic plots a new path – Epic grandeur.
If the opening story is any indication, this
series it probably the comic that best represents a good amalgamation of both
the old style series and the new, more action packed one. Its a great
combination, as in the space of one comic we see a wedding, a planet sized
disaster, deductive work and even the destruction of galaxies. Yet none of it
feels out of place- in part unified by the art of Dave Taylor – even if his
interpretation of Clara does make it look like she’s somehow inherited some
Sontaran characteristics.
There are some problems with the issue, in
that once the count down to the big action finale starts, most of the
intelligence of the story gets thrown aside, but when #1 and #2 are read as the
whole story it was intended to be, it mitigates that somewhat.
Count me impressed. If the series carries on
like this, not only will it be threatening to knock my fav, the Eleventh Doctor
series, off the top spot, but it will competing with the TV show itself. My
feeling is that the comic may be the eventual winner.
Cover image courtesy of Titan Comics.
Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #2 can be
bought from
Titan Comics
online and in your local comic book store in the US only.

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