Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #5

Modern-day Seattle sees the Doctor, Jack, and Rose pulled into a city-wide civil war between strangely empowered citizens. But when they start mutating into horrendous monsters, the Doctor and friends find themselves out of their depth! Fighting side by side with a face from his future, can the Doctor restore normalcy to the city before it’s completely overrun?

Well, isn’t this a pleasant surprise!

After the garbled, poorly-drawn mess of the last story arc’s finale, I’d washed my hands of old Number Nine. Between the uselessness of Jack Harkness and the scumbly birds-nest of linework, there was little to recommend this comic at all.

But with the fifth issue, Titan has cleaned up its act. The art is a little more fluid, with fewer obviously-comped faces; despite having been dropped into the end of the arc, I figured out the story pretty quickly. I also appreciated the lack of deep Whoviana which marred most of the other Dr. Who series. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Dr. Who and all, but I’m not a fan-fan. I’m not interested in the intricate details: just give me a Doctor, a TARDIS, and a weird problem to solve, and I’m happy to go along.

What I really liked about this outing was the giddy sense of fun the characters get from receiving superpowers. Rose turns into a determined Supergirl as soon as she can fly, and actually manages to save the day (although the Doctor swoops in to steal her thunder at the last minute…c’est la vie). Oh hey, guess what? Jack Harkness actually does something that moves the plot along! Congrats, Jack ole buddy! I still hate you.

All in all, Ninth Doctor #5 was a hoot, and less of a garbled mess than the last few issues. If Titan can keep their quality this high, I’d be happy to read their next installment.

Final Verdict: 3 out of 5.

Dr. Who: The Ninth Doctor #5 can be found at Titan Comics

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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