Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #14

Can the Doctor save his new friends from their time-twisting fates? Will Alice find peace – or be marooned far from Earth?! Will ARC finally discover the truth about itself – or be reduced to atoms?! Will Jones fulfill his cosmic rock god destiny – or die among the stars?!

And who will be left to join the Doctor as we head into Year Two?!

Al Ewing
Rob Williams
Simon Fraser
Gary Caldwell
Titan Comics

I’m angry. But also happy. Because, for the past few years, I’ve been taught that a show I enjoy a lot shouldn’t be this good. The gradual decline of the quality of the TV show’s scripts had taken me to a point of apathy in regards to it, so to read this series from issue one has been invigorating and a testament to Rob Williams’ and Al Ewings’ abilities.

Not to discount the artists either – Gary Caldwall’s colours have never been better, at times seeming to have used a watercolour-like synthesising of colours, especially on characters faces. Meanwhile Simon Fraiser, whose art I’ve said in the past isn’t the most appealing to me due to the off odd contortions in his linework, nonetheless suits this issue down to the ground. Be it conjuring up memory attics (shades of showing Steven Moffat how it’s done?) or trying to illustrate someone’s brain coming to term with the incoming end of all things, his adaptable style is just what the comic needs.

It’s also a great time to evaluate the series so far, which has been able to push the weirdness of Doctor Who, whilst deftly wrapping it all up in a science fiction core and attaching a solid emotional hook. But at the same time, its a series that hasn’t been afraid to show the darker side of The Doctor.

The series so far has been interested in what he could do were his well intentioned actions to result in something horrible happening and just what fears the Doctor has that would make him embrace that. Beside him we’ve had Alice, who has been the only adult in the Doctor’s world for a long time. Jones, our David Bowie expie, has gone from boring mundane man to someone who has become an actual star child. Whilst ARC, one of the most out there companions in a long time…well ARC has has probably the most complete story arc something like Doctor Who will allow.

Overall, it’s just so impressive to see what was probably envisioned as a throwaway cash grab to eke a few more quid out of fans, actually become something that equals and surpasses the show it’s based on.

I can’t say it will be something that will convince those who dislike Doctor Who to give it a chance. But for those who already enjoy the show or who were on the fence due to the current course? Dive in and discover a world you didn’t know was possible.

Cover image courtesy of Titan Comics.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor can be purchased from Titan Comics

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