Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #2

The ninth doctor is back with a brand-new miniseries: Weapons of Past Destruction!

Get dragged into the Time Vortex as the Doctor and his friends uncover time-lost Gallifreyan super-weapons being sold on the black market! Who are the cosmically-empowered Lect and Unon – and can the Doctor help stop an all-new Time War before it starts?!​

Cavan Scott
Blair Shedd
Titan Comics

As second issues go, this issue is far stronger than first, building upon an action packed opening to deliver a far more satisfying continuation.

For one thing, it looks like Scott and Shedd have had the 9th Doctor’s run on loop in the background whilst creating the comic. Everything from the mannerisms of each character to the way a panel is lit is ripped from the TV show, which made reading it a fun nostalgia trip.

It’s just as well that the storyline itself matches up to that. Where last issue was all about running away, this issue is more grounded and focused on the key mystery itself; namely that somehow people are selling Gallifrayan war tech, stuff that shouldn’t even exist because of how the Last Timewar ended.

It’s really a combination of everything working in synch together that makes the comic work – under the pen of Scott, the 9th Doctor comes alive, possessed of speeches and reactions that are so perfect you’re constantly enthralled by what he will encounter next. The show’s cheeky tone is kept over too – from Jack’s somewhat over the top sexual puns to the Doctor humour that only he tends to find funny. The only real letdown in Rose, who seems to just be plot exposition this issue.

That we get introduced to lots of cool looking aliens is nice- even in the low key things the comic is using its ability to do things that the show wouldn’t be able to do easily.

The issue was fun and feels like an episode that was never filmed for the TV show. Which means as a 9th Doctor comic, it’s perfect.

Cover image courtesy of Titan Comics.

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor is available from Titan Comics.

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