Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1

The ninth doctor is back with a brand-new
miniseries: Weapons of Past Destruction!
Leaving world war ii behind, the ninth
doctor, rose and captain jack discover that time lord technology, lost in the
wake of the time war, is being sold on the intergalactic black market!
Now the threat of a new temporal war
brews on the horizon. Can the doctor stop history repeating itself?​
Cavan Scott
Blair Shedd
Titan Comics
I’ll add a disclaimer up from – I bloody
love Doctor Who. I bloody love Christopher Eccleston. So to me, the 9th
Doctor was a dream come true. A fantastic one. Which is also a problem,
because it means I hold everything related to such high standards and tend to
be overly critical of other things related to it.
Given those prerequisites – the first issue
is pretty good. Picking up after the episode The Doctor Dances, our
issue finds the heroes stumbling across two forces that are involved in heavy
time interference, The Unon and the Lect. Both seem to be collecting different
items to allow for time manipulation, though to what end is left unexplored by
the end of the issue.
In typical fashion though, the issue is more
interested in Jack, Rose and The Doctor stumbling across a problem and trying
to figure how to get out alive. Though Blair Shedd’s artwork isn’t something I
quite like as I feel I doesn’t capture the look of the characters that well,
the canvas that she works on in scaling up the action from the show is
impressive. She also does nail the facial structure of a shocked Christopher
Eccleston, so hats off to her for that.
By the end of the issue I was a little
worried about what was going to happen to Rose, even though I know everyone
will turn out ok (being set between episodes of the TV show), so consider my
suspension of disbelief sufficiently kept in check.
Is it worth picking up for non Doctor Who
fans? On the basis of this first issue, no. But if you do like the show, this
will be right up your alley.
Cover image courtesy of Titan Comics.
Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor is available
from Titan Comics.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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