Doctor Who: Four Doctors #5

Can the Doctors and their surviving companions put time back on the right track?!

Paul Cornell
Neil Edwards
Ivan Nunes
Comic Craft
Titan Comics

The conclusion to the miniseries for year one of the three Doctor Who ongoing series currently running at Titan Comics piles on the time travelling tricks. But by delivering a solid ending, one that even brought a tear to my eye, it manages to elevate a somewhat average series to better overall.

The strength of this issue lies in the writing, which has our three Doctors (and one surprise cameo) combatting the villain of the piece whilst trying to set up events so they will always play out this way in the future, saving the timeline and all of the Doctors in the process.

How satisfied you feel about the ending is to do with your tolerance for the twists the episode throws at you. In a way, they are in line with the current Doctor Who series on TV, putting slight twists on series regulars like The Weeping Angels and Daleks to deliver resolutions that may otherwise feel like they were a bit forced and pulled out of a hat.

The art does seem to have dropped the ball though. I’m not sure if it’s the pencil work or the colouring itself, but everything feels rushed and more than just a bit sloppy, leading to characters that look like mannequins or slow shape shifters who have been forced to try and resemble humans. This is a shame, as so far in the series it has been good enough to carry events. Add a few speech bubbles that are incorrectly given to some characters and it overall just feels like it should have had a bit more time spent on it.

That’s not too bad overall to what is a satisfying conclusion to the series. Read together it seems to flow better and certainly seems to have been designed for a collection in mind. Fans of Doctor Who should buy this now, if only got get some feel for year two or the series, along with the new 8th Doctor mini series. Be still my beating hearts!

Doctor Who: The Four Doctors is available from Titan Comics.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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