Doctor Who: Four Doctors #2 + 3

Have the laws of time and space been broken? The three Doctors meet in 1920s Paris – impossible! The Doctors take the fight to the enemy… but have they already been outmaneuvered? 

Paul Cornell
Neil Edwards
Ivan Nunes
Titan Comics

After #1’s ending had Reapers spewing into time and space, determined to cleanse all those affected by the Doctor induced paradox and the next two issues don’t slow down at all. If anything they accelerate, throwing alternate timelines, warring Doctors and battles into the mix, even if the companions have fallen back into the cliché of doing not much at all…

Sorry, I don’t know why I’m not quite connecting with this series and I seem to be down on it. It’s perfectly serviceable and does what it says on the tin, uniting the last three incarnations (let us never mention the Eccleston, lest he smite us with his brusque northern vowels…) of the Doctor to have them travel through time and space.

I guess my problem with the series is how, several issues in it has gotten quite continuity dense. Now I do have to admit the chance of someone who isn’t a huge fan of the show picking up this series is slim, but accessibility for comics is always on the forefront of my mind. Not that this means things have to get stupid – but there is something to be said about having a story that can stand on its own. That’s the core appeal of Doctor Who, even with the Doctor team up specials – you can pick any episode and enjoy it for just being a good story, with fans getting more out of it because of long term dedication to the show. That isn’t quite the case here, so I feel I have to mention it.

Also, the weekly nature of the event is clearly wearing on the creative team, as I found quite a few panels where speech bubbles had been appropriated to characters it make no sense to give them to. That’s a testament to the script by Cornell that each characters voice is made so distinct that it stands out what such a mix-up occurs, but I still would have preferred the mix-up not to happen in the first place!

I can’t spoil too much about the plot because it is built on reveals, but it does expose what Cornell thinks about the 12th Doctor and how he feels that he isn’t so different from the other incarnations after all.

The two issues aren’t standouts and I don’t think this event will go down as particularly memorable. But it does have enough interesting nuggets to make it worth checking out for fans.

Four Doctors is available from Titan Comics.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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