Destiny of the Dragon: The Daughters of Merlin #4

The daughters successfully find Avalon and Merlin tasks them with rebuilding the Knights of the Round Table. Before their quest can begin, however, the dragons reveal where they have been hiding all these centuries. Hiding in the form of humans! Using time travel as a weapon, Mina and Breeta are transported to some distant future where they meet a Dragon rider by the name of Cyneska but is she friend or foe?

The Good
Knowing this was the final part of the 4 part series, I expected to get good things and I was certainly pleased with Daughters of Merlin 4.  The story was continued in the same intriguing manner and gave us more fun writing to enjoy.  The scenery was beautifully done, and served as a wonderful backdrop for all the gorgeous battle with both spell and steel.

The Bad

I thought it was a little hard to believe how easily the dragons were dealt with in some scenes to be honest.  There was also one minor character that had a brief scene, who if not expanded on later on, seemed unnecessary.

The Summary
With this being the final issue in the mini-series, I am glad to have been able to read them all. There was more than enough magic, battle, and dimensional travel to please any fantasy fan.  If these books are any indication of the content in the Destiny of the Dragon series to follow, I can definitely see myself enjoying the next part of the tale.

For more information on Troy Hasbrouck and his work, check out Jester Press.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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