Defending the Universe: Part 2

As discussed in “Creating the Universe: Phase 1”, DC Comics
is lagging behind Marvel in the making of movies because they lack a cohesive
vision of the how to link movies together. 
DC has the most iconic comic characters, which is why they have been so
successful on the small screen.  DC’s
characters have a depth that is unmatched, and that was BEFORE the New 52
brought those characters even more depth. 
The DC characters can be the heart of some incredible character-driven
movies, so without further ado, here is Phase 2:

Following the events of Justice
League: The Death of Superman
, the members of the League have gone their
separate ways, each taking turns helping to defend Metropolis.  Soon, reports start to come in of several
Superman-like heroes – The Cyborg Superman, A Superman Clone whose age is
unstable, A near-perfect duplicate of Superman created by a Kryptonian Life
Matrix, and Steel – helping members of the League out.  The faux Supermen are soon joined by a
significantly de-powered Superman who has risen from the dead.  Each of the Faux Supermen fall before Mongul,
who is intent on destroying Metropolis. 
The true Superman faces Mongul in a climactic final battle, where he
faces certain defeat because his powers have not yet returned to full strength.  As he faces defeat, the Faux Supermen step
in.  It is revealed that the Cyborg was
helping Mongul all along.  Steel finds a
way to charge up Superman by bleeding the powers of the other three Faux
Supermen, giving Superman the power he needs to defeat Mongul.  In a post-credits scene, Mongul kneels before
Darkseid and apologizes for his failure, but Darkseid dismisses it, saying that
everything is proceeding according to plan.
Aquaman: Atlantis
Aquaman find himself the target of several attacks.  While investigating his attackers, he
discovers that they come from the Earth’s oceans.  He tracks them to Atlantis, which he had
thought was only a myth.  The current
“king” of Atlantis plans to attack the surface world and destroy the “apes” on
the surface.  Aquaman joins a resistance
movement to overthrow him and stop the war. After the “king” puts a doomsday
machine in motion that will sink the West Coast,  Aquaman learns that only his genetic code can
override the machine, and thus learns his true heritage: he is the rightful
ruler of Atlantis.  In a post-credits
scene, underwater pods are revealed with alien life forms that had been seeded
on earth as part of an invasion plan.
Green Lantern: No
Following the events of the first Green Lantern Movie,
Sinestro has possession of two rings, his Green Lantern Ring, and the yellow
ring created by the Guardians.  He
attempts to keep the Yellow hidden, but finds himself drawn to its power.  He starts recruiting his own corps, giving
them yellow rings spawned from his master ring. 
When a Lantern is killed by an alien wielding a yellow ring, Sinestro’s
duplicity is discovered and he is stripped of his green ring, but when the
Guardians try to strip him of the yellow master ring, it is found that the ring
has bonded to him, finding in him a host that can grow in power as he consumes
more fear.  The Corps united against
Sinestro’s new Corps in a battle where the very fate of the Universe hangs in
the balance.  Hal Jordan manages to
defeat Sinestro by tapping him in the central power battery on Oa where the
Guardians are able to reduce the power of the yellow rings, which is followed
by a power surge within the battery that causes bright plumes of color to
emerge and shoot off into space.  The
Guardians send a guardian after each plume of light to investigate and deal
with any threats.  In a post credits
scene, we see a guardian standing over a blue ring.  He picks it up, and his robe changes.  He looks up to see an alien looking at him,
and the guardian offers him the ring.
DC Presents: Invasion
On Mars, the Martian Manhunter lives in solitude, the last
survivor of an interplanetary war which decimated Mars millennia ago.  He serves as the sole caretaker of a facility
that holds the invaders in stasis. 
During routine checks, he discovers that some of the alien invaders have
escaped.  He makes a decision to destroy
the remaining aliens in violation of an oath to preserve life, which would free
him up to pursue the ones that escaped.  He follows them to Earth, where they lurk in
the sewers of Gotham city.  He teams up
with Batman, who is investigating a strange series of deaths that are related
to the invaders.  The invaders are from
Apokalips, and they are building a gateway that will allow them to return
home.  In the final battle the final
alien triggers the gateway which shuts down almost immediately as he is
defeated.  Batman tells the Martian
Manhunter he will destroy the gateway and the Martian Manhunter returns to Mars
to resume his exile.  In a post credits
scene, government agents confiscate the gateway.  On Apokalis, Darkseid triggers a gateway and
Justice League:
Apokalips Rising
The Gotham Gateway is in a secret government facility called
Checkmate.  Government agents tasked with
monitoring meta-humans had confiscated it before Batman could destroy it.  Suddenly, the gateway activates, and
parademons pour forth, crying out “for Darkseid”.  Batman calls upon the members of the Justice
League, and an interstellar war with Apokalips begins.  The battle pits the Justice League and the
world’s military forces against the forces of Darkseid.  In the final battle with the leader of the
invasion force, the gateway is finally destroyed.  In a post credits scene, an archaeologist
lifts a golden helmet out of the ground, seemingly untouched by the years.

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