DC Phase 4: Worlds Within Worlds

Having dealt with the magical nature of the DC Universe, we
turn to the most distinctive feature of the DC Universe: the Multiverse.  The idea of a multiverse was introduced to
explain different versions of heroes during different eras.  We now see the idea of the multiverse come
into the movies, with a much abbreviated version of Crisis on Infinite Earths
The introduction of the multiverse brings with it a need of first
contact between the universes, which will follow the way it was initially
established in the comics, with the two flashes coming into contact first.  We use Shazam in the first movie as a bridge
to the fourth phase and to tie up any loose threads from phase 3.

The Power of Shazam!
Billy Batson is chosen by the wizard Shazam to be a champion
of the Lords of Order.  He is sent to
accomplish three trials to prove himself worthy of the power, all the while
being opposed by Black Adam, a former champion of the Lords of Order who was
corrupted by the Lords of Chaos.  In each
challenge, he gains part of his powers, but only the final challenge, the
challenge of wisdom will bring him into the fullness of his powers: a final
battle with Black Adam.
In a post credits scene, we see Jay Garrick of Earth-2
receiving speed powers from the god Mercury and starting to fight crime as the
 Who is Donna Troy? (Seriously, I need a better
Spending most of her time on Themyscira these days, Wonder
Woman returns to “Man’s World” after hearing that a new hero calling herself
Wonder Woman.  This slightly younger
heroine wears a costume similar to Wonder Woman’s (think the Long pants and
jacket look of 2010).  Aided by Batman,
who has himself been tracking down the new Wonder Woman, they confront her and
find out that she is Donna Troy, a woman infused with the powers of the Titans
of old, and she had been playing the part of Wonder Woman because of the real
Wonder Woman’s absence.  They join in her
battle with Circe, who is determined to wipe man-kind from the Earth and create
a feminine paradise.  In the End, Donna
Troy gives up the Mantle of Wonder Woman and takes the name Troia.
In a post-credits scene, we see two earths, slightly
misaligned, one crisp and clear, the other fuzzy.  The camera pulls back to show the back of the
Anti-Monitor, who is dictating a log where he blames the rise of Super Heroes
for the appearance of super villians.  He
ends with the words “It should all be scrapped.”
The Flash: Multiverse
While battling with Fallout in Death Valley, Flash uses his
speed to create an updraft to contain Fallout. 
In the radiation-charged center of the Flash-tornado, there is a
brilliant flash of light and explosion that flings Flash away (in an overhead
shot of the event we actually, see two people flung away).  Two speedsters depart the scene in opposite
directions.  Later, in the JLA
Watchtower, Green Lantern remarks to Flash how busy he has been lately.  Flash remarks that he is no busier than usual.  They get a transmission that the Flash needs
help.  The go to the location and find
Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth-2 fighting the Mirror Master.  They stop the new Flash and Barry Allen
questions him while Green Lantern take Mirror Master to the authorities.  Flash attempts to help Jay return home, when
they encounter a stronger Fallout.  The
two versions of Fallout had merged, and it will take both Flashes to defeat
him.  The only way for Jay to return home
is to split the two Fallouts and defeat them, which they do.
In a post-credits scene, we see the Anti-Monitor cataloging
the list of heroes who must be destroyed in order to recreate the big bang and
replace the current multiverse with a single universe devoid of heroes.
Aquaman: Pirates
Aquaman is recalled to Atlantis.  Atlantis has been keeping the high seas safe
from pirates (think Somali pirates, not Blackbeard) under an agreement with the
Justice League.  Now a pirate empire has
threatened Atlantis with nuclear destruction if they continue to interfere.  As the only Atlantean who can pass for human,
Aquaman infiltrates the pirate ranks to save his people.
In a post-credits scene, there is a huge explosion, and
cataclysmic natural disasters mark the start of the two Earths merging.
Justice League:
Justice League members are racing to save people in the
aftermath of cataclysmic disasters.  When
new heroes start popping through special rifts, they discover that two versions
of the same reality are merging.  They
discover that the being behind this, the Anti-Monitor, is intent on remaking a
universe without super-heroes.  The
heroes join forces to battle the Anti-Monitor, finally defeating him with the
help of the Spectre.

In a post-credits scene, a black shape arises from a grave
and a disfigured Guardian of the Universe gives him a black ring and lantern.

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