DC Phase 3: It’s a Magical Universe

At the close of phase two, Apokalips was defeated, but the
devastation was vast.  There is great
fear of the power of “super heroes”, but even more fear of the malevolent
forces that battle them.  That fear
causes the government, and even some in the hero community to take action to
monitor them.  All the while, mystical
energies, made more powerful by the energy released in the battles with
Apokalips bring forth the next world-threatening crisis, as some seek to
harness those magical forces for their own gain…

Wonder Woman: Gods
among Men
The war with Apokolips is over, but there is still much to
do.  Wonder Woman is hunting for
Steppenwulf, one of the denizens of Darkseid who escaped the destruction of his
armies.  In his search for a way off the
Earth, he terrorizes the communities around Cape Canaveral.  Steppenwulf turns some homeless people into
human Apokorats, and Wonder Woman is soundly defeated.  Realizing that the power of the gods has
failed her, she seeks answers from the gods themselves.  Being told that her mortal form cannot
contain and channel the power of the goods in its fullness, she seens their
help to defeat Steppenwulf.  In the
battle, the gods fall, one by one, each weakening Steppenwulf enough for Wonder
Woman to finally destroy him.
In a post-credits scene, we see the gods pass through a
dimensional barrier to an alternate earth, and as they die, they bestow the
last remnant of their powers upon human of that Earth… Earth-2.
Batman: The OMAC
The war with Apokolips has revealed that the number of
humans with the superpower metagene is much larger than initially thought.  The US Government has initiated a new project
called Checkmate to monitor these super heroes and enlist some of them into
government service.  Not trusting them,
Batman sets up his own monitoring system, called OMAC using technology
reverse-engineered from leftover technology from Apokolips.  Unfortunately, the system achieves
self-awareness, and Batman must seek help to stop it from killing super heroes
from none other than Checkmate itself.
In a post credits scene, we see a being of darkness offering
Felix Faust eternal life and power beyond imagining … the only cost is his
In a mystical bar, in a backroom, the members of Shadowpact
meet.  They learn of the death of a magic
wielder, who was stabbed with the Spear of Destiny, a magical item that had
been stolen by the Nazis during World War II and never recovered.  They decide that someone has to recover all
of the mystical items captured by the Nazis that are now in the hands of the
descendants of Hitler’s inner circle and giving them power that they don’t mind
using for their own purposes.
In a post-credits scene, we see a police officer named Jim
Corrigan gunned down.  As the gang
members who killed him walk away, a green glow surrounds his body.  He levitates to a standing position and goes
to confront them, turning into the Spectre in front of them.  Fade out on the Spectre lunging towards them
and their screams of terror.
The Hand of Fate
Doctor Kent Nelson, an archeologist opens a tomb and
encounters the spirit of Nabu, one of the ancient Lords of Order, whose job it
was to balance the Lords of Chaos and prevent worldwide destruction.  Nelson tells Nabu of the recent troubles of
the world, and tells Nabu the world needs him now more than ever.  The spirit of Nabu offers him his magical
amulet, cloak and helmet, telling him that he is fated to be Nabu’s
replacement.  Kent refuses to believe him
until he finds the statue of Nabu wearing the vestments.  He removes the helmet and finds that he looks
just like Nabu.  Wearing the vestments of
Nabu and calling himself Doctor Fate, he fights petty crime.  When he witnesses a murder, he decides to
bring the killer to justice, but comes into conflict with the Spectre who has
singled out the killer for vengeance.
In a post-credits scene, the other-dimensional bar used by
Shadowpact is seen destroyed with various magic wielders lying dead around
it.  We see Felix Faust walking away,
glowing with barely-contained magical power.
Justice League:
Hearts of Darkness
Shadowpact seeks the assistance of the Justice League to
investigate the deaths of Magic Users.  The
League and Shadowpact face off with Felix Faust who is turning humans into
Parademons to attack magic users and steal their powers.  When the League falls and Felix Faust starts
to absorb their powers, the Spectre and Doctor Fate join in the battle,
defeating Felix Faust, and the Spectre regresses him to infancy to give him a
second chance.

In a post-credits scene, The Wizard Shazam is seen looking
into the world from the Rock of Eternity, talking to a council of spectral
beings about choosing a new champion to serve the Lords of Order.

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