D4VE #3

Ryan Ferrier
Ryan Ferrier

Signs of first world problems:
• In the morning you’ve run out of your favourite spread to go on your toast.
• You have to travel to get to work.
• D4VE Issue 3 is ‘merely’ as good as the two prior issues.
Looking at this, it looks as ridiculous as when I first typed it. Because it is. This issue of D4VE is just as good as the others preceding it. But when that means it’s in the top 10% of comics created ever, it makes me look like I’m ungrateful. Hell, it makes me feel it. It’s almost a churlish thought that such a funny, charming, well written and illustrated and all over brilliant piece of work is ever called ‘just’ anything.
Perhaps it’s because D4VE surrounds itself in a quick fire jokes, so the story seems to have less weight like all comedies do. Perhaps it’s that Ferrier and Ramon are, like the best of any people in their fields, making the whole series seem so effortless on their part that it seems easy to pull off. So easy that it won me over to its charms in one panel. One panel.
Yet looking at the small details put into each panel, it’s obvious someone they poured their souls into this. The world of D4VE is a living, breathing thing that exists beyond the panel borders, robots living their own lives, free of the midlife crisis of an office robot who remembers when he was so much more. A robot who thinks he can stop an alien invasion from the last remaining living species in the galaxy himself. It’s a world where Scotty, despite coming off an assembly line, in an individual. It’s a world I can’t wait to revisit, that make me realise just how great the internet can be. A place that inspires me to write a half mad rant instead of a proper review in an attempt to quantify genius.
In other words, just buy D4VE already. You won’t regret it.

You can buy Dave #3 or subscribe to the entire series via Comixology.

Reece is doing the robot. Any questions or queries, you can reach him on @ReecemJones.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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