Quirky, smart and rather charming,
D4VE explores what would lead a robot to find himself trapped in a dead end
office job…
Ryan Ferrier
Valentin Ramon
Valentin Ramon
Ryan Ferrier
D4ve is an ordinary guy. Ex-army, he sits in a
boring desk job day dreaming of his more adventurous past, all the while trying
to avoid attention from the grumpy boss. His wife doesn’t understand him and
he’s got a kid on the way. Oh, and he’s a robot. Did I mention that part yet?
Of all the things that really made me smile in D4VE (and trust me, there were a lot),
it’s the small details like that that really got me, along with the use of
brilliant comic timing. Mining humour out of the odd situation of a robot going
through an existential crisis is not a scenario I thought could work, but D4VE #1 hits each point perfectly. The
opening issue sets up the universe and explains just why it is hyper
intelligent robots are doing boring office jobs; it turns out once you kill
everything else, there’s not much to do. Though it seems that there are some
aliens that disagree and are planning something.
It helps that D4VE, for all his flaws, is a very
likeable character. A charming loser, his current non-entity status hides a
yearning to do what he feels (in this case, literally) he was created for. That
inability to fit in with the rest of the world whilst still being the everymen
adds him to the roster of tragic heroes like Regenald Perrin and Father Ted.
All of this though wouldn’t work without the art
of Valentin Ramon. Quite how I’ve never heard of him before I have no idea,
because his artwork and colouring is incredible, effortlessly switching between
the downfall of empires to the drab layouts of an office space. That a two man
team can put out one of the best comics around at the moment is mind boggling
and means that D4VE #1 is the top of
my list of best comics of the past year.
I can’t wait to read issue 2.
can buy Dave #1 from Comixology

Reece Morris-Jones spends some of his free time
doing the robot. To read more failed attempts at understanding what a pun is
and other less important stuff , message him on Twitter @reecemjones

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