D4VE #2

The second issue of Ferrier and Ramon’s
robotic comedy finds D4ve’s life take an unexpected turn for the better, just
as everything else gets worse…
Ryan Ferrier
Valentin Ramon
Valentin Ramon
Ryan Ferrier
Monkeybrain Comics
Continuing the trend established in the
prior issue, D4ve’s mix of humour, tragedy and dream sequences underpin
a looming threat on the horizon.
Now let’s start with the good: D4ve has been
chosen to be a key part of a new initiative to seek out new energy resources
for robot kind (beyond that I have no idea, as our protagonists rather humorous
take on the meeting is just a few words interspersed with *waffle waffle
waffle*). Now the bad: his wife is leaving him, he’s been left with a son that
was delivered just this morning who’s already a teenager. Oh and there’s an
alien armada that just touched down with what seems like a less than wonderful intent.
Because of all this happening it felt a bit
like D4ve #2 was treading water a bit when it came to plot compared to
last issue. To make up for this though, we have a upswing in humour, mostly
general in nature but the funnier stuff focusing on D4ve’s misfortunes and
frequent flights of fancy.
I said it in my last review, but Valentin
Ramon’s art really does go from strength to strength. Be it by the strength of
the collaboration or off his own back, the world of D4ve is bursting
with small details that make the world feel alive and larger than just what we
see on the page. Just the throwaway sight gags alone would be enough to launch
other comics, but it all adds together with the humour, characterisation and
plot to make one of the best comics I’ve had the pleasure of reading…well
since D4ve #1.
Add in THAT ending and well, I’m just glad
I’ve Issue 3 to look forward to soon. I don’t think I could wait any longer!
You can buy Dave #2 here,
or else subscribe to the entire series
. For the insanely good price of $0.99 its
worth it.

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