Cutter 3

Jeremy lives a quiet life with his wife
in a rural town. Successful and stable, Jeremy is the guy next door. But he and
his high school friends share a dark secret. And when that secret literally
comes back to haunt them, Jeremy must confront his past and his own sanity as
he comes face to face with a vicious serial killer…”The Cutter.”
Seamus Fahey
Robert Napton
Christian DiBari
Top Cow
Cutter issue 3 slowly escalates what
happened last issue- after the disastrous ‘showdown’ that left one man dead
last issue, it seems our main character Jeremy has gone a little mad, holing
himself up in his house with a shotgun. Soon he’s roused from his trance by Ed
the local Sheriff and together they discover more about the killer than they
really wanted to.
It’s nice that this far into the series we
still aren’t sure sure if the killer has a basis in the supernatural or not,
even if its trending towards the ‘bullied girl goes crazy and seeks revenge’
route. Still, its entertainingly enjoyable how Fahey and Napton blend the more
serious elements with such a silly premise. Its certainly noticeable how just
as parts of the issue begin to flag they throw in something to knock it back
into high gear- like firebombs or a particularly gruesome killing.
DiBari continues to bring his A game with
his linework. Though on the surface his artwork may seem scrappy, it belies the
detail that he infuses into his characters faces. Be it a look of confusion or
simply of boredom, he captures every detail.
Cutter once again ends on a cliffhanger and
I wonder if the story will be resolved by next issue. Still, its once again a
fun issue and very enjoyable.
Cover image courtesy of Top Cow

Cutter #1 is available from Comixology and your local comic retailer

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