Creating a Universe: Part 1

Some great discussions happen at
comic book shops, let me tell you. 
Recently, we were talking about DC’s seeming lack of ability to
establish an interconnected movie franchise the way Marvel has.  However, what is always forgotten is that
even in the standalone films, there are sly references to the other
heroes.  Consider Captain America’s
shield in Iron Man 2, or the
S.H.I.E.L.D. agents questioning whether the destroyer was “one of Stark’s” in Thor
What DC needs to do is have a story arc in place that they can use to
weave random threads into the standalone movies, the way J. Michael Straczynski
did with Babylon 5.  One of the things that was remarked on was
the fact that DC has a stable of far more iconic characters than Marvel does,
and that those iconic characters, both major and minor, deserve to have their
part in the movies.  However, to make
this work, a single person, someone with a mind like Straczynski’s would be
needed as a producer in order to ensure uniformity and continuity between the
movies.  It is a tall order, but here is
how I would envision Phase I of a new DC Movie Universe unfolding.


The rationale behind the
structure of Phase One is to establish the interconnectedness of the DC
Universe films.  The movies should occur
in fairly rapid sequence, with the movies being filmed consecutively, reusing
many sets and characters between the movies. 
It will incorporate events from the Dark Knight Trilogy, Green Lantern,
Man of Steel and the forthcoming sequel featuring Batman as part of the shared
history of the DC Film Universe.  Flashpoint
should precede the three standalone films by approximately six months, with the
other three films being released at four-month intervals.  The final film of Phase one would be released
six months after the Superman film.

Flashpoint will open as the comic book opens.  The events of the series will be followed
more or less accurately.  Flashpoint will end with the Flash
telling the story of the alternate timeline to the members of the Justice
League (minus Batman who refuses to join and serves as a tactical and technical
advisor).  In a post credits scene, we
should get our first glimpse of Doomsday.

Batman: War Games will be a standalone movie which will feature
Batman trying to break down gang warfare in Gotham.  As the story progresses, glimpses will be
gained into the actions of other heroes in TV news reports and newspaper headlines.  In a post credits scene, we should get a
tease of the Justice League working to save people from a natural disaster.

Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost will focus on the invasion of Paradise
Island by terrorists seeking an advantage over the world’s democracies by
trying to steal the power of the Amazons. 
Wonder Woman is still in “Man’s World” fighting Cheetah who is working
with the terrorists.  After defeating
Cheetah, she learns that she was just a diversion and rushes off to Paradise
Island to help her sisters.  The terrorists
are eventually defeated, but not before exploding a dirty bomb on the
Island.  Zeus intervenes and gives the
Amazons a new home: Themyscira.  In a
post credits scene, we get a glimpse of Lex Luthor and a US attorney striking a
deal to hold Superman accountable for the destruction in Man of Steel.

Superman: Grounded will focus on an overzealous United States
attorney who wants to see that Superman is held responsible for the destruction
caused by his battle with Zod in Man of Steel. 
Superman is imprisoned in a red-sunlight cell designed by tech mogul Lex
Luthor, which weakens him enough for Luthor to obtain a tissue sample.  He then tries to replicate Superman’s powers
in himself, which causes him to go insane and lash out against humanity, seeing
himself as a god.  The Justice League is
otherwise engaged, and the authorities release Superman to deal with Luthor,
who is imprisoned in his own red-sunlight cell until his powers wear off.  In the post-credits scene we see Doomsday’s
arrival on Earth as seen in the comics.

In Justice League: The Death of Superman, Doomsday begins his mindless
rampage across America, starting in Smallville, Kansas and heading towards
Metropolis.  Superman Battles Doomsday
and is defeated.  While Superman regains
his strength, the Justice League battles Doomsday.  The League is soundly defeated, but before
Doomsday can move in for the kill, Superman arrives and engages in a furious
battle.  Superman and Doomsday beat each
other to death.  The movie ends with
Superman’s funeral.  The post-credits
scene contains five flashes: Cyborg Superman, Superboy, Steel, the Eradicator
and ends with a darkened shot of Superman’s chest, a silver shield on his black
burial suit, and we hear a single heartbeat.

At the end of Phase One, allow
for a six to nine-month period to build up the Reign of the Supermen movie that
will kick off Phase II.

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