Courageous Princess Volume 1: Beyond the Hundred Kingdoms Third Edition HC

Once upon a time, a greedy dragon kidnapped a beloved princess . . . But if you think she just waited around for some charming prince to rescue her, then you’re in for a surprise! Princess Mabelrose has enough brains and bravery to fend for herself!

This recent comic read for me is another perfect example of a gem that’s been around for a while that I’m just not discovering.  Even though I wish I had known about it before, I’m just pleased I found it at all.  For years, Courageous Princess has been waiting for me to enjoy it, and I most certainly did so with the first volume.

The wonderful tale of Princess Mabelrose is one of a girl born into royalty, yet not the typical “you’re all peasants” type of family.  Both her mother and father are fantastic parents, rulers, and people, and these kind qualities are passed onto Mabelrose.  After managing to escape on her own from the kidnapping by a terrible dragon, she begins a journey that tests her bravery and wits.  Among all the encounters she has with people and even creatures, it also gives her many a chance to show her selfless and kindness to those around her.

I was instantly drawn in by the absolutely beautiful artwork within this book.  As a huge fan of anime and manga, the influence in the art is pretty evident.  All of the characters are quite stunning, most especially Mabelrose as you’d expect.  Even just the way the story moves along in so many places without dialogue is done so well, similar to the manga approach.

Let me tell you, this in my opinion is a must have for every collection and has become a favorite of mine.  I cannot wait to get to the next volume to follow along with this endearing story and see more of the gorgeous art.  If you haven’t in all these years read it, do so now.  I cannot express enough how much you should do so as soon as possible.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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