Chrononauts Vol 1

Who needs a Time Machine when you have a Chrono-Suit? Not Dr. Corbin Quinn and Dr. Danny Reilly, America’s first Chrononauts!

Intending to observe Christopher Columbus and his discovery of North America in 1492, Dr. Quinn is the first to make “the leap”. Unfortunately, he is struck by “some kind of wave and knocked off course”. And Base Command is unable to reach him through any of the Commlinks! Dr. Reilly wants to make the jump to save his friend, but – for security and safety reasons –time-jump is temporarily suspended.

After a short discussion, a rescue operation is initiated and Reilly is the most qualified individual for the mission. It is determined that Quinn has landed in Samarkand in 1504 (according to his tracer). Settings are recalibrated and Reilly makes his leap, planning to bring Quinn home immediately. Reilly lands in the middle of a charging army of ancient warriors. He is struck several times by arrows…even one that appears to be a fatal hit in the chest! END CHAPTER ONE…

CHAPTER TWO: It’s 1504. One warring faction overtakes the other with superior firepower, including motorized vehicles, assault rifles, and machine guns. As the smoke clears, Reilly explains that he is not one of the insurgents, but is there to find Dr. Corbin Quinn. General Sarvar is surprised and says that the king has been awaiting the arrival of his companion. At the palace, Reilly and Quinn are reunited. Although he’s been gone only forty minutes, Quinn states that he has been stranded in Samarkand for nearly four years. He further explains that he has protected his tribe from the oppressive Moghul Amy by providing them modern weaponry and – as a result – they made him their leader!

Quinn has no intention of returning to his time period now. He wields immense power and commands complete respect because of the Chrono-Suit he possesses! In his own words: “Back home I’ve got nothing, dude. Here I’m a king.” Reilly tries to reason with Quinn, who wants him to join him in his cavalier romps through time.  Quinn wants Reilly to turn off his tracker, and reminds him that the batteries in their Chrono-Suits carry a charge for 100 years. Just imagine all the fun they could have! And – with that – Reilly disables his tracking device.

As Quinn and Reilly navigate through time, one of the techs  at Base Command realizes that the two rogue Chrononauts CAN be tracked…through the unique batteries in their suits! A second rescue operation is launched with a surly security operative named Mannix in charge. END CHAPTER TWO…

CHAPTER THREE: England, 1986. Reilly receives an urgent telegram…from HIMSELF! The message states that Corbin has been killed and Danny has been fatally wounded, but things can be fixed if he brings a fast car to the 1929 house at a specified date and time.

Cut to 1929. A jealous Lucky Luciano has cornered Dr. Quinn and destroyed his Chrono-Suit. He points a revolver at the doctor’s head and says he plans to even the score. Suddenly, there is an eruption of gunfire as the rescue team arrives and takes down the threatening gangsters. Quinn escapes Mannix and his crew by jumping out a window. There, he is reunited with Reilly…driving a fast car, as requested. Then it’s a frenetic chase through time as Mannix and his charges try to capture or kill the two renegade doctors. Quinn convinces Reilly to ditch his suit to elude the manhunt. General Sarvar is given the suit with instructions to dispose of it. Instead, Sarvar realizes the power the suit possesses and stages a coup, having both Quinn and Reilly arrested. END CHAPTER THREE…

CHAPTER FOUR: Sarvar needs to know how to operate the Chrono-Suit or it is completely useless to him. So he threatens  to torture both Reilly and Quinn until they give him the information he needs. But…I think I’ve rambled on enough. Let’s just say it’s a pretty sweet ending for our time-traveling duo. Let us know what you think…

I loved Millar’s story about two young guys joyriding through time. The pace was often manic and nerve-wracking. Definitely not predictable as Quinn and Reilly moved deftly from time period to time period, showcasing the good and the bad of each particular era. Exciting and fun! I liked the fact that even the birth of Jesus and the assassination of President Kennedy were included here. I would say that Mark Millar has hit a home run with this one!

Murphy’s  artwork is amazing! Whether it’s small rapid-fire panels denoting time jumps or the elaborate splash pages of a majestic palace or a sprawling battle scene,  Murphy does it all with great style in painstaking detail. Also loved the look of all the characters…cudos!

I would highly recommend this book to all readers 13 years and older.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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