Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4

There are some things in this world that mortal eyes should never witness — that’s a lesson poor Harvey Kinkle will learn the hard way, when he makes the unfortunate mistake of intruding on the darkest of ceremonies — an offense that the witches’ coven takes very seriously. Though Harvey’s life hangs in the balance, it is the Spellman family that will come face-to-face with true evil. Indeed, the choices made by teen-witch-in-training Sabrina on this dread night will determine the fate of every living soul in Greendale.

A fairly good amount of what I read, and reread, as a kid for comics included things like Archie and Sabrina. To be completely honest, I’ve read almost none of those same titles in my adult years with a few recent exceptions. I could tell just from the cover that what I was getting into with the fourth book of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was nothing like I remember from the comic or even the show.

Given that this is the fourth issue and where I’m jumping into this title, I obviously am at a bit of a loss. That fact aside, I was able to gather that Sabrina’s boyfriend Harvey has done something to offend her coven and is running for his life. After sprinting through the woods for half the book, his efforts to escape are ultimately in vain. The rest of the book follows Sabrina and the aftermath of the town dealing with Harvey’s sudden disappearance.

As a very different kind of book than the classic Sabrina, the art also took on a very different approach. It is much darker and gives the reader a constant sense of dread in what I always remembered as a cheery town of Greendale. The unexpected violence shown within is added with just enough punch to emphasize the horror genre.

I’m always a little weary not starting at the beginning of a series. What I got out of this one was enough to make me want to go back and start from issue one though. That being said, I would put this on a most definitely maybe as a book to grab, even only having one later issue to base off of.

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