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I Draw Comics Sketchbook & Reference Guide review

It is well-known among my friends, family and peers that I have a Kickstarter addiction that I struggle with (some days are better than others).   One of the (many) fruits of my addiction yielded one of the most innovative “how to draw” books I’ve come across in a long time. Matt Marrocco, with the help of some amazing collaborators created the I Draw Comics Sketchbook & Reference Guide.

This could quickly become the new bible for any artist: from the most casual of “doodler” just looking for a hobby to artists who want to fine-tune their craft so they can get into the industry.  This moleskin book covers the most important basics: anatomy, perspective and composition...

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Robyn Hood So Far

Robyn lived in a world of greed and corruption. Men who believed they could take what they wanted without any consequence.  So, after Robyn finds herself wrongfully imprisoned, she is suddenly transported to another realm by a mysterious woman who claims Robyn can become the hero of the land.  Skeptical, but motivated, Robyn must find a way to put an end to the King’s tyranny if she’s ever to make it back home.  Read the series that takes a new spin on the classic tale of Robin Hood and really hits its mark.

I never thought it would happen, but I am completely enthralled with something RavenGregory didn’t write.  Way to go, Pat Shand.  Not quite as violent and gory as Raven’s books, but still action-packed nonetheless...

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Laurie Holden and Danai Gurira Joins Phoenix Comicon 2013

Phoenix Comicon is proud to announce Laurie Holden and Danai Gurira, from the cast of the hit TV show The Walking Dead will be attending Comicon 2013.

“The Walking Dead has become a cultural phenomenon.  Having Laurie Holden and Danai Gurira at Phoenix Comicon this year is very exciting.” Says Marketing Director Jullian Squires Laurie Holden is an American-Canadian actress and portrays Andre on The Walking Dead. For her work on the show, Holden was nominated for a Saturn Award in 2011. Outside of The Walking Dead, she is known for numerous rolls in TV shows such as, The X-Files, The Shield, The Magnificent Seven, and movies Silent Hill and The Fantastic Four.

Danai Gurira is an actress and an award winning playwright. She joined The Walking Dead as a regular for season three, playing...

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This April, Valiant’s first family crossover, Harbinger Wars, kicks off with three all-new jumping-on points in Harbinger Wars #1 (of 4), Harbinger #11 and Bloodshot #10! To herald the brutal first collision of Harbinger and Bloodshot, each of these three entry points into the Valiant Universe will feature an interlocking Pullbox Exclusive Variant cover by Harbinger Wars artist and New York Times best-selling creator Clayton Henry!

“Valiant’s Pullbox cover program is designed to give our dedicated fans something special for supporting our ongoing series...

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Destiny of the Dragon: The Daughters of Merlin #2

Separated from Breeta in the time stream, Mina slams to Earth in a strange land with many unbelievable machines and sights. She has landed in modern times. Will her wizardry prove helpful in such a chaotic time of highways and the internet? One can only hope!

The Good
This second issue wastes no time jumping right back into the action in Daughters of Merlin 2.  Even though it isn’t action based, we get some interesting use of spells which I was happy to see again.  Interaction between characters was done pretty accurate to how it would likely be, especially given the situation they’re in.

The Bad
So far things are all consistently being done well, and haven’t had any negative components to speak of.

The Summary
Things really open up in this part of the story where magic meets mode...

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