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The Westwood Witches

Publisher: AMIGO Comics
Written by: El Torres, Art by: Abel García, Edited by: Lance Tooks, Letterd by: Malaka Studio

The same team behind the acclaimed “Drums” miniseries at Image Comics tell us a whole new tale of horror that brings the witchcraft horror into the modern world. A macabre 4-issues miniseries that will be released in May, 2013.

The Westwood Witches is a story that could be best explained by saying it’s like Desperate Housewives meets sci-fi horror. The main character Jack is a successful writer of bestsellers… which he hates. Suffering from writer’s block, he  decides to go back to his old neighborhood, not knowing that his neighbors are real witches, the kind of demon worshipers that kill anyone who could disturb Westwood.

The Good
The firs...

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Robyn Hood vs Red Riding Hood

exacting her revenge upon those who did her wrong, Robyn Locksley has kept a
low profile in hopes to avoid any unwanted attention.  Unfortunately, her ploy for vengeance has
gained the notice of one Britney Waters, aka Red Riding Hood.  Now, Red is on the hunt, determined to put
this rogue down for good.  Robyn Hood vs.
Red Riding Hood is the newest tale by Pat Shand of the ongoing struggles of
Robyn as she tries to cope with all of those she’s killed.  It’s sure to be a hit as these two ladies
duke it out for the first time.
Robyn believed she had every right to revenge, Red Riding Hood doesn’t quite
see it that way.  And so the hunt
begins.  Here we have two of the Grimm
Universe’s toughest fighters, one trained through hardship, the other from a
master from...
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The In Crowd Saving the Summer the Only Way they Know How

This summer,
prepare for super heroes as you’ve never seen them before.  They’ve got great hair, great bodies and
great power.  But great
responsibility?  Yeah, not so much!  From the pages of Critter and the Slipstream
one-shot comes this fun, fast paced four issue limited series from Big Dog
Ink.  Wing-Boy, Lasso Lass, Tiffany and
Slipstream team up with brand new character Barnacle to fight crime and help
save the world from “High Tide” but will looking good for their reality TV
series get in the way of doing good?

 In the tradition of the bestselling Big
Dog Ink throwback series, Critter, writer Eric Esquivel (Electric Youth) and
artist C.B. Zane (Cricket) bring readers a look at a superhero team that is
truly not ready for prime time!  With
Corey Knaebel contributing...

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The Tribulations of Abaddon #1

to The Tribulations of Abaddon #1; A medieval adventure where warriors
must join forces, caught in the center of an epic battle between angels
and demons.

As humanity prospers and kingdoms grow, the balance of good and evil
shifts into chaos when the demon Syria escapes from the dark bowels of
Hell. Back on Earth, the Sumerian city of Larsa begins to consume itself
as a demonic plague begins to spread at an overwhelming rate. Its
defending warriors desperately strive to maintain their existence, and
ensure their survival, by coming together. They overcome great odds as
they fight for their lives, caught in the war between Heaven and Hell.

David Sandoval is here to ask for help in making the first issue of
“The Tribulations of Abaddon” a reality...

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