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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Killing Wirth

Our very own Lonnie has a Kickstarter and it looks fantastic! Don’t take my word for it though…check out this description!

Killing Wirth:Part One

Far away from Earth there is a colony world being poisoned by a failed weather machine. Colonist farmers are desperate to survive while the surface is being burned and dissolved down to rock. Giant monsters crawl out of the ocean to pursue the farmers across the countryside. The colony the survivors seek refuge in is in perfect order, except everyone is missing!

Long frozen soldier, Wirth, emerges from a casket. A deeply troubled man with no past, no future. Will he doom them or save them?

See? I need to know! Will he doom them? Will he save them? Where are the folks from the colony? If you need to know too, head right on over to the

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American Gods:The Moment of the Storm #1

Neil Gaiman is giving us more American Gods.

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Jim Henson’s the Storyteller: Sirens #1


Ever learn anything from a fable? Call it a proverb.

This kid friendly Tale from Jim Henson and Archaia at Boom! will bring sobering smiles.

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The greatest characters from Britain’s golden age of humor comics return for a one-shot celebration of daft and zany fun! From the world’s naughtiest baby, Sweeny Toddler to Gums, the most incompetent shark in the seven seas, a whole new generation of readers are about to experience comics’ humor at its finest! Featuring comics top talents including Neil Googe, Ned Hartley, Cavan Scott, Abigail Bulmer, and Tanya Roberts!

The list of Creators on this book is long there are 15 different short stories in this book! I’m not going to break down every story or even list every single name in this book for the sake of brevity. I really had fun with this I’m a huge fan of British humor, and all the British slang was fun to read and do the accent in my mind...

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Detective Comics #1000

Writers: Scott Snyder, Kevin Smith, Warren Ellis, Denny O’Neil, Christopher Priest, Brian Michael Bendis, Geoff Johns, James Tynion IV, Tom King, Peter J. Tomasi

Artists: Greg Capullo, Jim Lee, Becky Cloonan, Steve Epting, Neal Adams, Alex Maleev, Kelley Jones, Alvaro Martinez-Bueno, Tony S. Daniel & Joëlle Jones, Doug Mahnke

Inks: Jonathan Glapion, Scott Williams, Raul Fernandez, Jaime Mendoza & Doug Mahnke

Colors: FCO Plascencia, Alex Sinclair, Jordie Bellaire, Elizabeth Breitweiser, Dave Stewart, Alex Maleev, Michelle Madsen, Brad Anderson, Tomeu Morey, David Baron

Letters: Tom Napolitano, Todd Klein, Simon Bowland, Andworld Design, Willie Schubert, Josh Reed, Rob Leigh, Sal Cipriano, Clayton Cowles

1000 issues is a milestone few characters will ever see, and even fewer titles will see...

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