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Modern Testament: Anthology of the Ethereal Vol 4

Various religious stories told in a most unique way!

I know that’s not much of a publisher summary, that’s the best I could find on their Comixology. That’s not really what the highlight of this or any review is though, right? At least I hope not, so let’s get to it with Modern Testament: Anthology of the Ethereal with the fourth and final volume.

This last part of the anthology features another three religious themed stories. The first, split into two parts for some reason, focuses on the Devil making a deal with a lowlife wife abuser and how people blame him for their wrongdoings. The second then shifts to God, where a scientist learns a lesson about faith after he plans to explain the secret to everything in the universe...

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Courtney Crumrin Ongoing #1

Writer/Artist: Ted Naifeh
Publisher: Oni Press

When Holly Hart moves to a new town and a new school, she knows what to expect from the kids there, the usual bullying and being labelled as an outsider, but what she doesn’t expect is to befriend Courtney Crumrin, the local witch. Courtney shows Holly how to learn magic, but she begins to worry that Holly might start to abuse her new-found magical powers.

Ted Naifeh’s dark world of magic and monsters is immediately enticing, and leaves readers hungry to learn more about the type of creatures and people that inhabit it. The writing and art both create an interesting and unique aesthetic that’s a blending of classic gothic horror and modern Halloween-type witches and goblins and werewolves.

The story moves a little too fast however, and ...

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Buffy: The High School Years Parental Parasite TPB

Buffy struggles to deal with her mom Joyce’s newfound interest in spending time with her. Balancing that with her schoolwork, her friends, and her regular vampire-slaying duties is a challenge. However, when Joyce becomes hypnotized by a childlike demon that craves motherly care, Buffy experiences a new kind of sibling rivalry—except in Buffy’s case, her “sibling” is actually a monster!

Lately I’ve been enjoying the experience of sharing one of my all time favorite shows with my daughter. After admittedly not reading any of the comics in ages, it’s nice to pick another one up. Set back in year one, it’s another book for Buffy: The High School Years with Parental Parasite.

It’s sure not easy being Buffy, trying to be both a vampire slayer and a highschooler and handling everythin...

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The Mighty Zodiac #1

Writer: J. Torres
Artist: Corin Howell
Colors: Maarta Laiho
Publisher: Oni Press

After the death of the Blue Dragon, six stars fall from the sky, and the evil Moon Rabbit army descends to the land of Gaya. It is up to The Mighty Zodiac to retrieve the stars and defeat the Moon Rabbit Army!

The Mighty Zodiac presents a magical land of anthropomorphic talking animals based on Eastern culture and folklore, with the titular group based off of the Chinese Zodiac signs. The land of Gaya is protected by the Zodiac, but lately they’ve been traveling the land engaging in various misadventures, since no imminent threat was present...

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Brave Chef Brianna #1-4

From fantasy author Sam Sykes (Aeons’ Gate) comes a story about budding chef Brianna Jakobsson, who’s trying to impress her father but whose best—and only—customers are monsters. Brianna has big dreams of starting her own restaurant. When her ailing father, a celebrity restaurant magnate, poses a challenge to his only daughter and 15 sons, she sets out to create the best restaurant around! Thing is, the only city she can afford to set up shop in is Monster City.

That big step of leaving home, venturing out and making your own way, is a scary part of life. Think about how much more frightening that would be moving to a city of monsters. For Brianna Jakobsson and her dream of starting a restaurant, that’s the setting her new chapter in life starts in.

With her father informing Bria...

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